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New interview with Jim from Rock And Roll Army

I just finished doing an interview with ROCK AND ROLL ARMY webzine from Spain and I thought it was really cool because it was all about music. You can check it out from the source at but they were cool and let me reprint it here in English.

1- This one has been an especially tragic year: Michael Jackson, Ron Asheton, Lux Interior, Willy Deville, Les Paul –among others- have passed away… Which of these deaths has hurt you more?
It’s true, these days it seems like I’m constantly mourning one of my musical heroes and I’m affected by all of their passings. Every time I play my goldtop Les Paul guitar, that’s a tribute. And I’m glad I got to see Ron Asheston and the Stooges play just before he died but I’m bummed I never got to see The Cramps. I listen to more Michael Jackson music now than ever. What a talent that guy was and he left us with some great songs. We are very fortunate all these great aritists shared their gifts with us to enjoy during our lifetime. That’s the best part.

2- In these holiday times, what type of music are you listening to? Do you like Christmas albums? Which do you recommend for us?
I actually do collect Christmas albums and I drag them all out and play them every holiday season. Phil Spector’s “A Christmas Gift To You” is a classic and also the Beach Boys and Elvis Presley immediately come to mind. Dean Martin’s “A Winter Romance” is another favorite of mine and I also like the Lynyrd Skynyrd Christmas CD from a few years ago.
Other Recommendations:
Nat King Cole-The Christmas Song
Peggy Lee-Christmas Carousel
Paul Revere & The Raiders-A Christmas Present...And Past
Christmas with Chet Atkins
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Christmas Album

3- Everyone has “Guilty Pleasures”… What are yours?
I have a lot of vinyl here at home and I love listening to all of it whether it’s Simon & Garfunkel, R.E.M. or Foreigner. When I was a kid and saw the girls screaming for the Bay City Rollers and I thought they must be the next Beatles. I was obviously wrong but I still listen to their albums for fun memories and it’s nice to know that at least the Rollers played their own instruments! I listen to a lot of old country music but I also love early Elton John, Def Leppard and The Monkees and female pop singers like Claudine Longet and the Carpenters. For classical it’s Stravinsky and Leonard Bernstein, who also wrote some great music for “West Side Story” and “Candide.” And sometimes you might even catch my listening to 80’s crap like Duran Duran, Human League and even Van Halen’s “5150” album!!
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4- I remember that you wrote an article (in Popular1) about Paul Revere and the Raiders. In that article you were expressing your desire to obtain the Spanish version of the single "Mo’reen” Which are the most valued rarities of your collection? Is there some rarity that you haven’t obtained yet?
I finally did find the Spanish Mo’Reen single and you can find that hidden on my blog too! I have some great Beatles vinyl in my collection including a few signatures and a Butcher cover but some of my other favorite rarities is the first Rolling Stones U.S. LP from 1964 with bonus color photo and my collection of Sparks 7” records from all over the world. Before becoming a full-time musician I worked at some great record stores in Los Angeles and I acquired a lot of cool vinyl for my collection.

5- People say that Mother Superior sounds like a mix between The Beatles, Kiss and Grand Funk Railroad… Would you add another great influence? Which were the bands that led you to find Mother Superior's sound?
Stevie Wonder is a really important factor. When we started the band we called our sound “heavy soul” and the idea was Stevie Wonder or Otis Redding songs with guitars. We get the Grand Funk reference thrown at us a lot but truthfully they’re not one of my favorite bands however we share similar influences like Motown. I like them but more in the “guilty pleasure” kind of way!

6- You are a great guitar player: Which are the guitarists that have most influenced you? What’s your opinion about “guitar heros” like Steve Vai or Yngwie Malmsteen? Don’t you believe that one only riff from Hendrix or Link Wray has more value than all his records?
THANK YOU first of all. Again, I’m influenced by many different things. I love Steve Vai with Zappa and my younger brother was a great fan of Yngwie when we were kids so I’ve been exposed to many different guitarists even though I might not play like they do.
For me, Jimi Hendrix is the best. And Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Mick Taylor...Keith and George and Angus and Malcolm and Ace...and CHUCK BERRY!

7- Which is your favorite “live album”? I feel that you will choose one from the 70's!
Rolling Stones-Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out

8- You and your Group are friends of the Spanish band Maggot Brain: Are there other Spanish bands that you like?
Hash, The Soulbreaker Company, Amon Ra, Devil Wind and Los Bravos

Well, Jim, our readers are hungry, anxious to know new music, new bands. I’m gonna ask you about different decades or styles, and i’d like you to recommend to us some bands/records (Preferably not very known):

- The 50’s:

- The 60’s:
THE EASYBEATS (with Angus & Malcolm’s brother George Young)

- Garage:

- The 70’s:

- Punk Rock:

- Heavy:

- The 80’s:

- The 90’s:

- The 00’s:

- Ok, thanks for your answers. If you wanna say something to your Spanish fans…
LOVE to you all. It’s so great to relate with so many music fans in Spain and I hope to see you soon.

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