Sunday, February 14, 2010

PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS featuring MARK LINDSAY--The Complete Columbia Singles NEW 3CD

If there's ANY reason to BUY a new CD, here it is and here they are...FINALLY, every Columbia single in their ORIGINAL 45 MIXES with both A & B-sides. It's fascinating to hear the growth of the band and the genius of singer/songwriter Mark Lindsay. One GREAT single after another. First two discs are MONO and the sound is glorious. ROCK & ROLL!!
Paul Revere, Drake Levin, Smitty, Fang, Terry Melcher, Freddy Weller, Keith Allison, Joe Jr. and of course Mark deserve a spot in the Hall Of Fame and it's criminal that they are overlooked. Anyway, you know how I feel. Get this triple CD bonanza TODAY and sign this petition too.

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