Thursday, March 11, 2010

Got My KISS Records Out

I can't put this new book down. Highly recommended by The Pipe--Get this book NOW!!
I've been pulling out all my Casablanca vinyl while I'm reading...KISS, PARLIAMENT, DONNA SUMMER, GIORGIO MORODER, HUDSON BROTHERS, CHER, ANGEL, ROBIN WILLIAMS and so much more.

And listeners of "The Vinyl Shelf" know that I even have a copy of that monumental flop 'Tonight Show' album!

"And Party Every Day: The Inside Story of CASABLANCA RECORDS"--A heartfelt new memoir by Casablanca's "Senior Vice President," LARRY HARRIS.

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  1. Holy shit Jim....How the hell did I completely forget about the Hudson bros...remember that show they had on saturday? remember the movie they was like really bad horror? Hahaha