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Here are the final two installments of Spector productions from the original 45s. First up is a bunch of pre-Philles 45s produced by a young Phil including a couple of Teddy Bears singles that feature his guitar and vocal work. I filled out the comp with the ULTRA RARE Derek & The Dominos single that Phil produced and was briefly released and then withdrawn (Eric Clapton and his band then re-recorded the songs without Spector) and also a couple of Apple Records 45s that Phil produced with George Harrison and John Lennon.


THE TEDDY BEARS To Know Him Is To Love Him b/w Don’t You Worry My Little Pet
THE TEDDY BEARS Wonderful Loveable You b/w Till You’ll Be Mine
THE SPECTORS THREE-I Know Why b/w I Really Do
KELL OSBORNE That’s All Right Baby b/w Bells Of St. Mary
CURTIS LEE Pretty Little Angel Eyes b/w Gee How I Wish You Were Here
CURTIS LEE Under The Moon Of Love b/w Beverly Jean
RAY PETERSON I Could Have Loved You So Well b/w Why Don’t You Write Me
BOBBY SHEEN How Many Nights (How Many Days) b/w How Can We Ever Be Together
OBREY WILSON Hey There Mountain b/w Say It Again
THE PARIS SISTERS I Love How You Love Me b/w All Through The Night
THE PARIS SISTERS He Knows I Love Him Too Much b/w A Lonely Girl’s Prayer
THE PARIS SISTERS Let Me Be The One b/w What Am I To Do
DEREK & THE DOMINOS Tell The Truth b/w Roll It Over
RONNIE SPECTOR Try Some Buy Some b/w Tandoori Chicken
Phil and the "other" Ronnie

Overlooked and underrated, these ‘70’s singles on Phil’s Warner/Spector label are sometimes bizarre and moody but they never lack soul. The Cher stuff is some of my favorite especially the first cut, “A Woman’s Story” which I first heard in the PBS Spector documentary “Da Doo Ron Ron” that opened my eyes to Los Angeles culture and made me aware of Rodney Bingenheimer. I thought it would be fitting to put some classic solo Beatles singles that Phil Spector doesn’t get enough credit for on here for you too, blue. PLAY LOUD.


CHER A Woman’s Story b/w Baby I Love You
DARLENE LOVE Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
NILSSON/CHER A Love Like Yours
DION Make The Woman Love Me
RONNIE SPECTOR Paradise b/w When I Saw You
DARLENE LOVE Lord, If You’re A Woman b/w Stumble And Fall
JERRI BO KENO Here It Comes (And Here I Go) b/w I Don’t Know Why
THE RONETTES (I’m A) Woman In Love
DARLENE LOVE Johnny (Baby Please Come Home) b/w Wait Till My Bobby Gets Home
THE BEATLES The Long And Winding Road b/w For You Blue
GEORGE HARRISON My Sweet Lord b/w Isn’t It A Pity

Thursday, April 22, 2010

If you don’t think Lenny Bruce is funny, then you’re just not paying attention. He was a thinking comic, a storyteller who was always looking for his next punchline. When I listen to Lenny Bruce, I love concentrating on his thoughts and I'm instantly reminded of his comedic GENIUS (there I said it) and his way with words. He’s like the HENDRIX of comedy. And you know when he’s really funny because Lenny will crack himself up.

They called him obscene and arrested him for it. Cocksuckers. He was super intelligent and continuously hip. You will be too if you listen to more Lenny Bruce. They should arrest Dane Cook for being obscene. He’s obscene to me.

The bio movie’s OK but it should be called “Dustin.” There’s an incredible 6 CD comedy bonanza on Rhino Records that is probably cheaply found with dust all over it in the box set corner of your local Mom & Pop store. You can’t really buy a ‘bad’ Lenny Bruce album.

Lenny’s autobiography “How To Talk Dirty And Influence People” is required reading and one of the few books that I re-read now and then. A recommended place to start.
Phil Spector released 2 LENNY BRUCE albums on his label. They consist of revealing live recordings recorded in small clubs and Phil assembled the tapes (recorded between 1963-1966) with love. If I could go back in time, I would love to sit with Phil and Lenny at a Canter’s table, which they frequented during these times. I recently took a drive up to the Hollywood Hills house where Lenny died and I’ve been on a listening kick again.

Lenny Bruce Is Out Again (Philles 1966)

The Law, The Language & Lenny Bruce (Warner/Spector 1974)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


In the late 1960’s after a successful stint with Motown Records, The Isley Brothers started their own record label, T-Neck (named after the city in New Jersey, Teaneck, that was home base to the brothers at the time) and had a huge hit with a song called “It’s Your Thing” which featured their younger brother Ernie on bass. Ernie was actually a talented lead guitarist who was heavily influenced by a former member of the Isley Brothers band (in 1964 and 1965) who also lived at their house for a while, a young Jimi Hendrix. During that time with Jimi on guitar, the Isleys released two singles “Testify Pt. 1 & 2” and “Move Over And Let Me Dance” which had a b-side called “Have You Ever Been Disappointed.”

In 1971, as a tribute to Jimi, T-Neck released “In The Beginning-The Isley Brothers & Jimi Hendrix” featuring psychedelic remixes of the two singles with Jimi’s guitar now very prominent in the mix and new “experienced” Ronald Isley vocal tracks (including updated lyrics about being a freak for music, a few ‘move overs’ to compete with Jimi’s Rover and there’s even a “I won’t do you no harm” reference). It’s a pretty rare LP and appeals to Isley and Hendrix fans alike, all looking to check it off their list.

The second side of the LP is a compilation of other rare Isley Brothers sides from their tenure at Atlantic Records in the early ‘60’s with no Jimi involvement (but of course it doesn’t say that anywhere on the liner notes). It’s still worth listening to because the Isleys are the best.

Ronald Isley has been going through some hard times for the past few years. Love and strength to you, Ronnie.

Here’s the 1971 “In The Beginning-The Isley Brothers & Jimi Hendrix” LP which is followed by the two singles in their original form and another exclusive Isley Brothers rarity called “Warpath” which was only released on a 45 (with no Hendrix involvement).

TRIVIA: Did you know that the Isley Brothers have had hits in FIVE DIFFERENT DECADES!!??!!!!

Ultra Rare Warner Brothers In-Store Play LPs

I decided to post these today to celebrate Record Store Day. Here are two super hard to find Warner Brothers In-Store Airplay LPs that were distributed only to record stores to play in their shops. The difference between these and the "Loss Leaders" albums (see earlier post) is that the In-Store LPs were NEVER offered to the public and were truly promotional only. Also, there is a DJ who introduces the songs so that the record store shoppers always knew what they were listening to for maximum sales potential. First up, is "Dance To The Beat Of Looney Tunes" from early 1973. Check out the track listing on this one!

Sparks, Bob Seger, The Kinks, Pretty Things, Little Feat and others make this a killer sampler and this 2LP set fits nice on 1 CD.

There's also a series of 2 LP sets called "WARNER/REPRISE DISPLAY CASE" and so far, I've only found Volume 4.

Jimi Hendrix, Todd Rundgren, Quincy Jones, Fanny and other cool tracks fill out this lengthy sampler from 1972.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

GOLD & PLATINUM 1983 Record Club LP

I hate “80’s music” as much as you do but this is a decent compilation LP that was only available via the Columbia House Record Club in 1983. Download this and enjoy a nice representation of the early MTV era when pop songs were still pop songs. And if you’re too young to remember the 80’s, THANKS KID, for reading my blog and for having good taste…

The Columbia House compilation label was REALM RECORDS and they sure weren’t afraid to CRAM thirty minutes of music on each side which means maximum volume and minimum fidelity. Not the best news for audiophiles, but cool to see Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson on here and even The Cars and The Police are represented. And Nena is the German version. Bitchin'!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


“Another Brick In The Wall Of Sound”
Here’s the second volume of MONO original Phil Spector produced 45s on the Philles label and the last few are from Spector’s ill-fated A&M Records era in the late 60's. THANKS to everyone for digging these vinyl transfers, warts and all, and THANKS to PHIL for re-inventing rock and roll.

#121 THE RONETTES Do I Love You? b/w Bebe And Susu
#122 THE CRYSTALS All Grown Up b/w Irving (Jaggered Sixteenths)
#123 THE RONETTES Walking In The Rain b/w How Does It Feel?
#124 THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ b/w There’s A Woman
#126 THE RONETTES Born To Be Together b/w Blues For Baby
#130 THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS Ebb Tide b/w (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
#131 IKE & TINA TURNER River Deep Mountain High b/w I’ll Keep You Happy
#132 THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS The White Cliffs Of Dover
#135 IKE & TINA TURNER I’ll Never Need More Than This b/w The Cash Box Blues (Oops, We Printed The Wrong Story Again)
#136 IKE & TINA TURNER A Love Like Yours (Don’t Come Knocking Every Day)
THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS Unchained Melody b/w Hung On You (London Records UK 45)
THE CHECKMATES, LTD. Love Is All I Have To Give
THE RONETTES You Came, You Saw, You Conquered

Note: a few b-sides have been skipped because they were NOT Phil Spector productions…NOTHING BUT THE BEST HERE! Oh yeah, and one more message from Phil himself...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A DEEP Jack Nitzsche Mix Tape April 2010

When I first started collecting Phil Spector 45s, I realized the importance of Jack Nitzsche because I was constantly scanning 45 record labels and always seeing his name on my favorites. For years, I didn’t even really know what an arranger did, but it was obvious by the sounds on those records that Nitzsche was the best one there was.

This mix is for you, Jack. Though I didn’t know you, one of my close friends who did says that he wishes we could have met. And I have another friend who said whenever you were in the record store, you were a jerk.

And if you listen close, you sometimes can kind of hear ‘the jerk’ in his music. But then Jack always looked for honesty in music. His string arrangements loom over the songs with an eerie presence that puts an edge on everything. I like the edge.

R.I.P. J.N.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It’s the 1977 2 LP follow up to ‘36 Super Gold Hits’ which arguably has an even better song list. PURE GOLD COLLECTION also features 36 hits (that’s an average of 28 minutes a side! And some songs are extremely edited from their original releases) that you wish you could forget.



“Yesterday’s Sound Today”
This collection is from original Mono 45 RPMs on the PHILLES label (well, “The Screw” is a counterfeit). I was inspired to compile this after reading Richard Williams’ review of the Abkco Box Set from the revised edition of his book, “OUT OF HIS HEAD,” which read,
“…the CDs lacked the guts of the original recordings. If you wanted to know what “Da Doo Ron Ron” or “River Deep Mountain High” really sounded like, not to mention “Born To Be Together” or “I’ll Never Need More Than This,” you had to go back to the old yellow and red label Philles 45s, cheaply pressed on adulterated vinyl and probably full of clicks and pops after all these years but still bursting with the full, unbelievably vibrant noise of the wall of sound…”
Amen! So, here they are straight off my turntable. I actually did this comp a few years ago, but I definitely limited my wall of sound listening time after I learned the name Lana Clarkson. But Phil Spector is an undeniable musical genius who took the rock & roll music that I love to another level.

Here's a photo on the night I met Phil Spector in August 2002. Phil looks as happy as me.

Notes on the playlist:
Both sides of each 45 are included and some sound better than others but if you don’t like it, go buy your own.

Also, all songs on ONE TRACK so you don't forget to LISTEN...

#100 THE CRYSTALS There’s No Other (Like My Baby) b/w Maybe Baby
#102 THE CRYSTALS Uptown b/w What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen
#106 THE CRYSTALS He’s A Rebel b/w I Love You Eddie
#107 BOB B. SOXX AND THE BLUE JEANS Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah b/w Flip And Nitty
#109 THE CRYSTALS He’s Sure The Boy I Love b/w Walkin’ Along (La-La-La)
#110 BOB B. SOXX AND THE BLUE JEANS Why Do Lovers Break Each Other’s Heart? b/w Dr. Kaplan’s Office
#111 THE CRYSTALS (Let’s Dance) The Screw-Part I b/w (Let’s Dance) The Screw-Part II
#112 THE CRYSTALS Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home) b/w Git’ It
#113 BOB B. SOXX AND THE BLUE JEANS-Not Too Young To Get Married b/w Annette
#115 THE CRYSTALS Then He Kissed Me b/w Brother Julius
#116 THE RONETTES Be My Baby b/w Tedesco And Pitman
#117 DARLENE LOVE A Fine Fine Boy b/w Nino & Sonny (Big Trouble)
#118 THE RONETTES Baby I Love You b/w Miss Joan And Mister Sam
#119 THE CRYSTALS Little Boy b/w Harry (From W. Va.) & Milt
#120 THE RONETTES (The Best Part Of) Breakin’ Up b/w Big Red

K-Tel Double Vinyl Fever

Here's one of my favorites...a classic 1976 DOUBLE VINYL playlist of "36 SUPER GOLD HITS" with that crammed groove fidelity, just the way you like your K-Tel albums to sound! CRANK IT for best results.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


IT'S TIME TO GET INTO SOME ORIGINAL MONO STONES U.S. LPs...First up is a 2-on-1 for y'all, "ENGLAND'S NEWEST HITMAKERS" with the incredible "12 x 5"!!
These red label LPs are the only way to go when you want to listen to some killer early Stones...and YES, I have the bonus FULL COLOR PHOTO....
And here's "THE ROLLING STONES, NOW!" with a true masterpiece, "OUT OF OUR HEADS"...

One more for today, here's a U.S. only LP release called "DECEMBER'S CHILDREN (AND EVERYBODY'S)" that was made up of songs left off of earlier U.S. LPs and other scattered tracks...but man it's a great record...
NEXT TIME: "Aftermath" & "Between The Buttons"--I LOVE THE FUCKIN' ROLLING STONES!!!!!!!


The other day I was sending a message to a "friend" on Facebook and before I was allowed to send it, I was asked to type two words as a security precaution. The two words were "cornered" and "Bernstein"--and I immediately thought that would be a good band name or album title. I heavily respect Leonard Bernstein as a composer and conductor and I have lots of his Columbia albums including performances of Stravinsky, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and many others. I will start posting some of my favorites here starting with this stellar MONO best-seller. Let's kick off the LEONARD BERNSTEIN LP COLLECTION series with COLUMBIA MASTERWORKS #ML 5413, Side One "GERSHWIN-Rhapsody In Blue" featuring Leonard Bernstein at the Piano and conducting the Columbia Symphony Orchestra and Side Two "GERSHWIN-An American In Paris" by the New York Philharmonic with Leonard Bernstein, Conductor