Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A DEEP Jack Nitzsche Mix Tape April 2010

When I first started collecting Phil Spector 45s, I realized the importance of Jack Nitzsche because I was constantly scanning 45 record labels and always seeing his name on my favorites. For years, I didn’t even really know what an arranger did, but it was obvious by the sounds on those records that Nitzsche was the best one there was.

This mix is for you, Jack. Though I didn’t know you, one of my close friends who did says that he wishes we could have met. And I have another friend who said whenever you were in the record store, you were a jerk.

And if you listen close, you sometimes can kind of hear ‘the jerk’ in his music. But then Jack always looked for honesty in music. His string arrangements loom over the songs with an eerie presence that puts an edge on everything. I like the edge.

R.I.P. J.N.


  1. I'm only really familar with the stuff he did on Easy Rider, and that surf track he did. I'm still not positive what an arranger does, but I know his sound, LOL.

  2. Holy crap... I stand corrected. How could I of forgotten the One Flew over The cuckoos nest ost. That is legend!

  3. Incredible that someone would do this. If you want more burns, holler, I have probably two dozen 45s arranged and/or produced by him, with no Spector connection.