Saturday, April 17, 2010


In the late 1960’s after a successful stint with Motown Records, The Isley Brothers started their own record label, T-Neck (named after the city in New Jersey, Teaneck, that was home base to the brothers at the time) and had a huge hit with a song called “It’s Your Thing” which featured their younger brother Ernie on bass. Ernie was actually a talented lead guitarist who was heavily influenced by a former member of the Isley Brothers band (in 1964 and 1965) who also lived at their house for a while, a young Jimi Hendrix. During that time with Jimi on guitar, the Isleys released two singles “Testify Pt. 1 & 2” and “Move Over And Let Me Dance” which had a b-side called “Have You Ever Been Disappointed.”

In 1971, as a tribute to Jimi, T-Neck released “In The Beginning-The Isley Brothers & Jimi Hendrix” featuring psychedelic remixes of the two singles with Jimi’s guitar now very prominent in the mix and new “experienced” Ronald Isley vocal tracks (including updated lyrics about being a freak for music, a few ‘move overs’ to compete with Jimi’s Rover and there’s even a “I won’t do you no harm” reference). It’s a pretty rare LP and appeals to Isley and Hendrix fans alike, all looking to check it off their list.

The second side of the LP is a compilation of other rare Isley Brothers sides from their tenure at Atlantic Records in the early ‘60’s with no Jimi involvement (but of course it doesn’t say that anywhere on the liner notes). It’s still worth listening to because the Isleys are the best.

Ronald Isley has been going through some hard times for the past few years. Love and strength to you, Ronnie.

Here’s the 1971 “In The Beginning-The Isley Brothers & Jimi Hendrix” LP which is followed by the two singles in their original form and another exclusive Isley Brothers rarity called “Warpath” which was only released on a 45 (with no Hendrix involvement).

TRIVIA: Did you know that the Isley Brothers have had hits in FIVE DIFFERENT DECADES!!??!!!!


  1. Right on man. This is the stuff. The Isleys are defintely cool on their own, and well Jimi is just Jimi. Cool rolled off of the guys fingers. This was something I had heard about, but just figured didn't really exist. Hot.

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  3. Could you upload "In the beginning - The Isley Brothers & Jimi Hendrix" again