Tuesday, April 6, 2010


“Yesterday’s Sound Today”
This collection is from original Mono 45 RPMs on the PHILLES label (well, “The Screw” is a counterfeit). I was inspired to compile this after reading Richard Williams’ review of the Abkco Box Set from the revised edition of his book, “OUT OF HIS HEAD,” which read,
“…the CDs lacked the guts of the original recordings. If you wanted to know what “Da Doo Ron Ron” or “River Deep Mountain High” really sounded like, not to mention “Born To Be Together” or “I’ll Never Need More Than This,” you had to go back to the old yellow and red label Philles 45s, cheaply pressed on adulterated vinyl and probably full of clicks and pops after all these years but still bursting with the full, unbelievably vibrant noise of the wall of sound…”
Amen! So, here they are straight off my turntable. I actually did this comp a few years ago, but I definitely limited my wall of sound listening time after I learned the name Lana Clarkson. But Phil Spector is an undeniable musical genius who took the rock & roll music that I love to another level.


Here's a photo on the night I met Phil Spector in August 2002. Phil looks as happy as me.

Notes on the playlist:
Both sides of each 45 are included and some sound better than others but if you don’t like it, go buy your own.

Also, all songs on ONE TRACK so you don't forget to LISTEN...

#100 THE CRYSTALS There’s No Other (Like My Baby) b/w Maybe Baby
#102 THE CRYSTALS Uptown b/w What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen
#106 THE CRYSTALS He’s A Rebel b/w I Love You Eddie
#107 BOB B. SOXX AND THE BLUE JEANS Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah b/w Flip And Nitty
#109 THE CRYSTALS He’s Sure The Boy I Love b/w Walkin’ Along (La-La-La)
#110 BOB B. SOXX AND THE BLUE JEANS Why Do Lovers Break Each Other’s Heart? b/w Dr. Kaplan’s Office
#111 THE CRYSTALS (Let’s Dance) The Screw-Part I b/w (Let’s Dance) The Screw-Part II
#112 THE CRYSTALS Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home) b/w Git’ It
#113 BOB B. SOXX AND THE BLUE JEANS-Not Too Young To Get Married b/w Annette
#115 THE CRYSTALS Then He Kissed Me b/w Brother Julius
#116 THE RONETTES Be My Baby b/w Tedesco And Pitman
#117 DARLENE LOVE A Fine Fine Boy b/w Nino & Sonny (Big Trouble)
#118 THE RONETTES Baby I Love You b/w Miss Joan And Mister Sam
#119 THE CRYSTALS Little Boy b/w Harry (From W. Va.) & Milt
#120 THE RONETTES (The Best Part Of) Breakin’ Up b/w Big Red


  1. Excellent man... Love Spector... I really dig the wall of sound. I didn't get into to him until much later in life. I probally would have sooner if I would of Enjoyed Ramones End of the Century more back then. Rediscovering two tracks were what pushed me over to the Sound Side. Do you remember Rock N Roll Radio with it's layers and layers that Phil was known for, and Christmas Please Come Home by Darlene Love. Which is most defintely in my top 5 faves Xmas songs of all time. I gotta grab this, looks tasty. I have the Back to Mono boxed set. I wanna hear this stuff in that Back in The Day syle. Nice.

  2. Thanks very much for your trouble with the
    download. Proper music is a bit harder to find
    these days.
    Whatever Phil may have done and his present
    jail sentence will never detract from the fact
    that he was the most influential presence of the 20th century in pop music.
    The man was a bloody genius who could hear
    sounds in his mind,translate them , after a
    very considerable production process,to sounds
    that are utterly beyond comparison,even by
    todays standards.