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FREDDY WELLER Raider Goes Country!

NOW THE ELECTRIC GUITAR HAS COME FAR FROM THE HEART OF THE SOUTHLAND...Freddy Weller made his debut with Paul Revere & The Raiders in April 1967 on the Ed Sullivan Show playing “Him Or Me (What’s It Gonna Be)” as lead guitarist (replacing Jim "Harpo" Valley) but this Atlanta born musician always had country music running through his veins.

In 1969, he signed a solo contract with Columbia Records as a country singer. Raiders leader Mark Lindsay produced the first two albums and they’re both filled with country pop rock that will excite any Raiders fans in both track listing and production value. They’re like ‘cousin’ albums to the Raider discography. Mark Lindsay and Keith Allison appear on both and Raiders fans will instantly recognize “Louisiana Redbone,” “Freeborn Man” and “We Gotta All Get Together” which Weller wrote and was released as a single A-side by the Raiders in 1969.
L to R: Freddy Weller, Paul Revere, Mark Lindsay, Joe Jr., Keith Allison
At the time these LPs were released, Weller was also hot as a pop songwriter and co-wrote big hits with Tommy Roe like “Dizzy,” and “Jam Up And Jelly Tight” and through the years he’s had songs recorded by Reba McEntire, Swingin’ Medallions and even George Jones.

Byrds guitarist Clarence White picks some amazing guitar here and Elvis Presley alumni Glen D. Hardin plays piano (he also worked on some of my favorite Raiders albums) and alongside Weller’s own compositions (a few co-written with Tommy Roe) there are covers of The Band, Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson.

And of course there are a bunch of Joe South songs including “These Are Not My People” which is one of his best and Freddy Weller actually sent “Games People Play” to #2 on the Country chart in 1969. It’s interesting to think that Mark Lindsay had a few country hits as a producer thanks to Weller’s success and also thanks to an era where country music was hip to many Hollywood rocker’s ears. Bob Dylan, The Byrds, The Monkees, Flying Burrito Brothers, Buffalo Springfield and others were listening to Buck Owens, Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard and this was being reflected on their latest albums with a psychedelic slant.

Freddy Weller
Games People Play
(Columbia CS 9904)
Producer: Mark Lindsay
Freddy Weller: vocals, guitar
Glen D. Hardin: piano / Clarence White: guitar / Red Rhodes: steel guitar / Keith Allison: bass / Dennis St. John: drums / Archie Francis: drums
Games People Play (South) / Oakridge Tennesee (Weller / Roe) / Home (Weller) / Louisiana Redbone (Allison / Lindsay) / One Woman Can't Hold Me (Weller) / My My Momma (Weller / Roe) / These Are Not My People (South) / Freeborn Man (Lindsay / Allison) / You Never Knew Julie (Weller / Lindsay) / Birmingham (Weller / Roe) / Goodnight Sandy (Weller)

Freddy Weller
Listen To The Young Folks
(Columbia 1036)
Producer: Mark Lindsay
Freddy Weller: guitar, vocals

Listen To The Young Folks (Weller) / Children (South) / Look For Me When You See Me Comin' (Weller / Cartey) / Sunday Morning Comin' Down (Kristofferson) / I Shook The Hand (Banks) / Down In The Boondocks (South) / Okie From Muskogee (Haggard / Burris) / That Little Boy (Weller / Roe) / Up On Cripple Creek (Robertson) / We Gotta All Get Together (Weller) / Amarillo Texas (Weller / Roe)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Bootleg Vinyl Sunday

...sung to the tune of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" of course. Because we're paying tribute to Davy, Micky, Mike and Peter today.
When I was a little kid I saved my allowance and joined a fan club called "Friends Of David Jones" when NOBODY cared about the Monkees. The fan club published a mimeographed newsletter that kept fans up to date with Davy's activity at the time which consisted of a new band called "Toast" and in 1978-1979 he was also hosting a syndicated Disco TV show called "Hot City" (not to mention revisiting his theatre roots in a new "Oliver" show). Imagine my surprise when I opened my mailbox one day and found an autographed postcard from Peter Tork (he obviously acquired all the "Friends Of David Jones" addresses) announcing the release of his 'Peter's Back' single (which was a steep $12.50!). Later, there was a great fanzine called "Monkee Business Fanzine" from New Jersey which would arrive four times a year and let me know there were other Monkees fans around including a few that also lived in Delaware. One summer, the local college movie theatre showed "Head" and "200 Motels" which also helped to solidify my Frank Zappa obssession.
Though not necessarily a bootleg, this LP by Davy Jones was released in Australia as a "limited collector's edition" on the K-Tel label. Remixed at Albert Studios in Sydney, these are the same tracks found on the 1981 live album that was only released in Japan called "Davy Jones Live In Japan" but the remixers attempt to pass these songs off as studio recordings, by removing the audience out of the mix altogether. However, thanks to the sheer volume of the excited Japanese fans, you can still hear shrieks and screams bleeding through Davy's microphone on his recorded vocal track. Weird. It's almost all Monkees tunes but there's also two Davy solo songs, "It's Now" and "How Do You Know."

Hey, Hey we're close enough...

Here is an ultra rare DOLENZ, JONES, BOYCE & HART bootleg LP that I bought in Spain that features a concert recorded at Disneyland on July 10, 1976. The Monkees were riding a second wave of popularity thanks to the TV shows still being shown as reruns and also Arista Records released a Greatest Hits album around this time that was selling well (with help from a re-release of the "Daydream Believer" single).

The live show was billed as "The Golden Great Hits of The Monkees--The Guys Who Wrote 'Em and The Guys Who Sang 'Em" and Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart even got to sing their own hits too. The bandleader was Keith Allison from Paul Revere & The Raiders who plays guitar and can be heard doing the band introduction at the beginning.

DJBH did numerous performances at Disneyland that summer including a July 4th concert in which Peter Tork joined them on stage (this LP is NOT that concert).

Ten years later, thanks to The Monkees reruns now being shown on MTV, the demand to see the band in concert was bigger than ever. A huge tour was planned with Micky, Davy and Peter but Mike Nesmith once again declined. However, with the tour a proven success, Nesmith joined the group for the encore songs of their Los Angeles concert at the Greek Theatre on September 7, 1986 (this LP IS that concert!).

Recorded Live at the Greek Theatre September 7, 1986 Featuring Mike Nesmith on "Listen To The Band" and "Pleasant Valley Sunday."


The curious tale of how Bob Marley and my Dad once worked together (sort of)...
Sometime in the late 1960's, Bob Marley temporarily moved to Delaware where his mother had relocated with her new husband. Bob's plan was to get a normal job to save money to build his own recording studio, Tuff Gong. Just before he left Jamaica, he married his sweetheart Rita because he loved her of course, but also just to ensure that he would return to her as soon as he had the money for the studio. Bob got a job at the Chrysler automobile plant in Newark, Delaware where my Dad also worked at the time. Of course, there were lots of employees and my Dad only remembers hearing about Bob Marley working there AFTER he was successful in music but I always found Bob's history in my hometown interesting. This ULTRA RARE bootleg vinyl LP is entitled "We'll Never Give Up" and was on the Look Records label.

Friday, June 25, 2010



VINYL SHELF 2 NEW Episodes!!!

2 New Episodes FULL of RARE VINYL and all kinds of JAMS!

Episode 3 finds Neil Diamond STONED, music from Odd…Toddly enough, who's also the producer on Shaun Cassidy's cover of "Rebel Rebel"!! Plus, a cool Rolling Stones 12" Remix, FREDDY FENDER, the HAGERS, Public Enemy and lots more...

Episode 4 totally ROCKS with AEROSMITH, U.F.O., HUDSON BROTHERS, Parliament in MONO, GRAM PARSONS, PORTER WAGONER, CHESTER & LESTER plus DIANA ROSS hooks up with Gene Simmons…Don’t miss it!
DOWNLOAD Both Episodes HERE:

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CLAUDINE LONGET Mono LPs and Rarities

She stars in Elvis Presley's favorite movie. The Rolling Stones wrote a song about her. And she's one of The Pipe's favorite female vocalists. I'm not going to tell you the story of Claudine's controversial life. Let's just get into to some of her music. I discovered Claudine after watching "The Party" and I remember working at Aron's Records and finding out she had her own albums. One by one I found them all and at the record store one day my friend Jim Akimoto mentioned 'the murder' and I couldn't believe it. But it's kind of nice to know that I actually liked her music before I could let the controversy influence my opinion. Her first five albums were on A&M Records and they're filled with a variety of soft pop arrangements and fun songs. Claudine melodically whispers in English with a heavy French accent nicely arranged songs by The Beatles, Bee Gees, Jobim, Randy Newman, Donovan and other soft pop gems.

The three LPs I'm posting are the rare MONO mixes that have never appeared on CD. The first two albums ("Claudine" and "The Look Of Love") are commonly found in thrift stores in mono and stereo but the third album, "Love Is Blue," is hard to come by. I recently found a DJ Mono white label release serviced to radio stations for "Promotion Only."

I'm also including two songs only released in Japan and sung in Japanese (the highly sought after "Itsuki No Komoriuta" and "Love In The Picture (Ehon No Naka De)") plus a few NON-LP b-sides like "A Flea In Her Ear" and "Shadows Of The Night." As Derek Taylor said, "Claudine's here for ever now. She's Andy's, yours-and mine."

Disc 1 ("Claudine" and "The Look Of Love" MONO vinyl):
Disc 2 ("Love Is Blue" MONO vinyl and bonus 45's and rare cuts--"Shadows Of The Night," "Nothing To Lose," "A Flea In Her Ear," "Am I Blue" MONO 45, a spoken message from Claudine about Mason Williams from a promotional 45, "Itsuki No Komoriuta" and "Love In The Picture (Ehon No Naka De)"):

P.S. If you happen to have the 2005 CD compilation on Rev-Ola entitled "Hello, Hello: The Best Of Claudine Longet," check the credits on the inside booklet for my 'project assistance' credit!!

TINY TIM Concert In Fairyland...WEIRD cash-in album!

In 1968, Tiny Tim was a household name and had seemingly overnight success. Bouquet Records took advantage of him with some unauthorized tapes they had that were recorded in Greenwich Village way back in 1962. Adding fake crowd noise and applause with other overdubs, they snuck the LP into record stores before Tiny Tim's second official album was released. Tiny Tim thought it was horrible and sued the label to have the record stopped.

The liner notes on the back cover are funny:
as the title of this album suggests,
is all about the "dear sweet" world of Tiny Tim,
a world of fantasy,
of gay abandon,
and above all a world of love and kisses.......

It is in this spirit that
is thus presented for your entertainment.
And as Tiny Tim would say
to all his "dear sweet" friends,
enjoy it and do have fun."

This is one bizarre album. I kinda like it!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


An assortment of underground delicacies, cheaply pressed on spotty vinyl and sold only to suckers and list makers. Audiophiles with keen ears for mid-range spotting should ignore these platters and promptly do a Google search (example: use keywords like "Steely Dan," "Lukather," or "Styx MFSL"). Whichever you choose, you have been warned.

ELTON JOHN I Get A Little Bit Lonely

These 14 songs are demos by a young Elton John and lyricist Bernie Taupin (except "Sitting Doing Nothing" which Elton co-wrote with Caleb Quaye and "Hour Glass" was penned by three outside writers) and were recorded between 1967 and 1969. This is a very rare U.S. bootleg LP released in the 70's during EJ's heyday on Appy Records.

The songs are a bit more 60's poppy sounding and with less real emotion than both Elton and Bernie would put into their forthcoming work, but these early songs nonetheless show the pair had a talent for Top 40 toetappers.

I Get A Little Bit Lonely
The Flowers Will Never Die
Rock Me When I'm Gone
Tartan Colored Lady
I've Been Loving You
Sitting Doing Nothing
Sing Me A Sad Song

I Love You And That's All That Matters
The Tide Will Turn For Rebecca
A Dandelion Dies in the Wind
Hour Glass
Baby I Miss You
Reminds Me of You
When the First Tear Shows

BOB DYLAN Ceremonies Of The Horseman

They misspelled the title on the paper insert and any other info about the origin of these early Dylan demos was nowhere to be seen. A classic plain blue label makes this album a typical 70's vinyl bootleg. These songs are also known as the "Witmark Demos" and I really enjoyed listening to them. Plus, a few songs have never been on any official Bob album and you also get an alternate "The Times They Are A Changin'."

NEIL YOUNG Coming Home LP TMOQ 1973

Cool NEIL vinyl from the Trade Mark Of Quality label (this one's got a plain yellow label), who despite their name didn't always deliver the quality their name suggested.

This music is from Neil concerts in January 1973 recorded in Norfolk, Virginia playing solo and with his band that's NOT Crazy Horse. It's not the best recording quality and the second side has some scuffs and it's pressed a bit off center. But hey, this is a REALITY blog.

THE ROLLING STONES Alive And Rollin' From The Crater Of The Sun


First 3 tracks are from an early Honolulu, Hawaii show with Brian Jones on July 28, 1966. This is extra RAW Stones with Keith rockin' and wailin' and Mick is distracted from his lyric memory. This live version of "Satisfaction" may be the best one I've ever heard.
Get Off Of My Cloud
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

19th Nervous Breakdown

The rest of the LP is from their return trip to Honolulu on January 21, 1973 and features Mick Taylor and some cool "Exile" tunes like "Sweet Virginia" that you don't hear them perform very often.
Actual photo of the Stones on stage in Honolulu in 1973
Sweet Virginia
All Down The Line
Midnight Rambler

Street Fighting Man

Though CD bootlegs exist of both of these shows and with a more complete track listing, the last song on the LP, "Street Fighting Man" was omitted from the CD bootleg.


Visually enticing with RED VINYL appeal and a promising track listing of prime MOTT THE HOOPLE live cuts and studio demos, this recently pressed, limited edition (only 300 pressed! or so says the cover) bootleg is a pretty good mix of Mott rarities. Any fan will surely dig listening to this LP, but parts of it are haphazardly thrown together (they leave in introductions for songs that have been edited out which probably means these tracks were sourced from a CD). Overall, the sound quality's decent and there's a cool concert introduction by David Bowie who also croaks in for the choruses of "All The Young Dudes."

The version of "Death May Be Your Santa Claus" here is an studio outtake that ROCKS.

Look for the vinyl in your local shops if you want to get the free bonus MOTT PATCH!

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VINYL SHELF Season 2 Premiere Episodes

THE VINYL SHELF…where DIGITAL is a dirty word!

We don’t even know what a CD is!!


Back by popular demise, The Pipe rummages through stacks of wax for the ALL-NEW EPISODES 1 & 2 which feature OVER 2 HOURS of great VINYL from JOHNNY CASH, SIMON & GARFUNKEL's lost b-side, rare 45s by THE MOVE & THE MILLENIUM, ZAPPA, LEON RUSSELL interview, JOHN BELUSHI, STOOGES, DAVID PEEL, DISCO T. REX, a cool GENE VINCENT interview and lots more FUN, FUN, FUN!

A-sides, B-sides, EPs, LPs, 12" REMIXES...
PLUS-a FREE BONUS David Cassidy Fan Club Message!

...once again I’d like to say THANKS to Art for the use of his turntables and studio. I try to leave the Vinyl Shelf episodes as 'live' or as ‘on the air’ as possible and sometimes there's mistakes and weirdness but instead of cleaning it up I just leave it all in like a real old school radio broadcast ...and THANKS to YOU for listening.

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Just Wild About Harry

One more for today and THANKS to E.C. for wanting the best and getting it. Here's the great soundtrack LP for the "Popeye" movie with music by Harry Nilsson. Harry was the perfect choice to write for the character who must've been twice his size. Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall share the vocals. ENJOY!

Monday, June 14, 2010


NILSSON'S FINAL VINYL, released in 1980 opens with "Harry" which is written and sung by Eric Idle (Pythonian legend) and if you think that's strange then wait until you hear the rest of the album. Even stranger, I think "Harry" might possibly be the best song on the album!
I love Nilsson like a mother and regularly return to his LPs and ALWAYS discover new gems and find myself re-laughing at the same jokes that I've heard before and each time I can understand it DEEPER and it's even funnier (hmmm...maybe I'm drinking too much).

Many critics write Nilsson off with 1974's "Pussy Cats" which is from the same lost weekend that John Lennon endured. Poor Harry's voice sounded like he was also swallowing the glass that his drink came with. But I find "Pussy Cats" fascinating and I also love "Duit On Mon Dei," "Sandman" and "...That's The Way It Is" is a cool album too.

I listen to ALL of Harry's music and if anyone dares to request the "POPEYE" soundtrack here on The Daily Pipe, dammit I will post it.

"Flash Harry" was never released in the U.S. (or on CD) even with an impressive all-star cast listed on the back cover. Produced by Steve Cropper with Bruce Robb at Cherokee studios, the guest musicians range from Ringo Starr to Dr. John with Lowell George, Van Dyke Parks, Keith Allison and many more. I LOVED Cherokee Studios. They tore the building down. With Mother Superior and Rollins Band, I spent many hours in those four walls laying down tracks and listening to the Robb Brothers talk about all the great musicians who had recorded there and I can only imagine how much cocaine that bunch of dudes did there in 1980. No wonder "Cheek To Cheek" sounded great!

Nilsson co-wrote only two songs on a short, five track Side One. "Best Move" is classic Harry and is written with Van Dyke Parks and 'Hazlewood' who I guess would be Lee. The other song is "Old Dirt Road" written with John Lennon six years earlier and featured on John's "Walls And Bridges" on Apple from 1974. It's an okay song that maybe wasn't screaming for a cover version, especially one with an extended guitar solo at the end. Side One closes with "I Don't Need You" which was a huge hit in 1981 for Kenny Rogers!!

Side Two is short on hidden treasures but has some tasty playing plus a Harry and Ringo co-write called "How Long Can Disco On" (unfortunately, the title is better than the tune). The album comes full circle and closes with Harry's tribute to Eric Idle via his rendition of the "Life Of Brian" classic "Bright Side Of Life." And I'll close in saying (also coming full circle) that this might possibly be the second best song on the album, strangely enough.

We love you, Harry Nilsson. Happy birthday and THANK YOU for all the great music!

SLADE The Warner Brothers U.S. Versions

These two LPs released on the Warner Brothers label in the U.S. are two of my favorite SLADE albums and they've never been issued on CD anywhere in the world. Both albums differ from their UK counterpart very much like the early Beatles U.S. Capitol albums.

Slade released "Old New Borrowed And Blue" in the UK in early 1974 and it went straight to #1. In America, Warner Brothers tried to break the band to U.S. audiences by releasing "Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet" which was pretty much the same album minus a few tracks ("My Friend Stan" and "My Town"). Like the abbreviated U.S. version of "Revolver," the 10 song version is quick and to the point although I'm not really sure of the logic of taking off those two songs especially since "Stan" was a worldwide hit and "My Town" is a great rocker that I'm sure Americans would have loved.


"Slade In Flame" was the band's first film and soundtrack but this was no "A Hard Day's Night" and nowhere near "Hold On!" I've always enjoyed the movie but it's a bit slow and serious and not at all what you would expect from a fun, goodtime band like Slade. The music on the 1975 soundtrack also reflects a mature production (a horn section!) but yields some STELLAR tunes like "How Does It Feel?" and "Far Far Away."

Two songs differ between the U.S. and UK versions. The U.S. substituted two UK hit singles ("The Bangin' Man" and "Thanks For The Memory" filling this version with four UK hits) for the sentimental "Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)" and a good but typical mid-tempo song called "Heaven Knows."

Which is better? You decide...

Stan aside, my friend Alex in the UK is super cool and this is just one of the reasons. He met Noddy Holder at an event for the DVD release and got an autograph for me on a promo card. THANKS ALEX!! 'E's a gud bloak, eye beleeve!

LIMO 2 LP Warner/Reprise Sampler

From 1977, this double LP has never been anything EXCEPT mellow but that’s the way music was going. There was only one more year until the saying ‘Great Til ‘78’ was necessary to invent.

Even so, "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" sounds better when it's on the same album as Funkadelic guitarist EDDIE HAZEL doing "California Dreamin'" in a Hendrix "Watchtower" style (produced by George Clinton). And Emmylou Harris does a nice version of Gram Parson's "She" and Journey's Jonathan Cain is also here in his early solo band. Also, it's hard to remember a time when Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" was a new song!

Ry Cooder: Alimony
Sanford and Townsend: Moolah Moo Mazuma (Sin City Wahh-oo)
Jonathan Cain Band: Windy City Breakdown
Bonnie Raitt: Runaway
Little Feat: Red Streamliner
Van Morrison: Flamingos Fly
Leo Sayer: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
Al Jarreau: Better than Anything
Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Walking Song
Danny O'Keefe: The Runaway
Eddie Hazel: California Dreamin'
Fleetwood Mac: Dreams
Mylon LeFevre: Goodbye Miss Sadness
Chunky, Novi & Ernie: Didn't Wanna Hurtcha for Another Guy
Jesse Winchester: Nothing But a Breeze
Wendy Waldman: Living Is Good
Jesse Colin Young: Higher & Higher
Deaf School: What a Way to End It All
The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band: Aloha ka Manini
Henhouse Five Plus Too: In the Mood
Hirth Martinez: Nothin' Iz New
Emmylou Harris: She
Gary Wright: Phantom Writer
Attitudes: In a Stranger's Arms
Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes: Call of the Wild
The Doobie Brothers: You're Made That Way
Rod Stewart: Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright)

DISC 1 (Sides 1 & 2):

DISC 2 (Sides 3 & 4):

MONSTERS Warner Bros. 1979 2 LP Sampler

By 1979, Warner Brothers Records wasn't half the men they used to be. Zappa left the label on bad terms, The Kinks were gone and Alice Cooper was way too Hollywood. Now we're talking Doobies, George Benson, Randy Crawford and Rickie Lee Mitchell, I mean Joni Lee Jones, I mean RICKIE LEE JONES.

But I think you should still listen to this double platter especially if you've never heard Ashford & Simpson's "It Seems To Hang On" which is an amazing tune underneath it's disco disguise.

George Harrison is represented here by a Beatles "White Album" outtake that surfaced on his self-titled 1979 album. Bob Marley tears up a live version of "Stir It Up" and Van Halen sound like a breath of fresh air amongst all this Burbank boredom. Just like it did then!

Rickie Lee Jones: Danny's All-Star Joint
The Doobie Brothers: Here to Love You
Osiris: What's the Use?
Ashford & Simpson: It Seems to Hang On
George Benson: Livin' Inside Your Love
Lowell George: Can't Stand the Rain
Randy Crawford: I Stand Accused
George Harrison: Not Guilty
Bob Marley and the Wailers: Stir It Up
Gary Wright: Love's Awake Inside
Kate & Anna McGarrigle: NaCl
Van Halen: Dance the Night Away
Mary Russell: Heart of Fire
Inner Circle: Everything is Great
Chaka Khan: Sleep On It
Gino Soccio: Dance to Dance
American Standard Band: Got What It Takes
Wornell Jones: Lay It on the Line
Tin Huey: Hump Day
Alice Cooper: From the Inside
Michael Franks: Underneath the Apple Tree
The Roches: We

This is my last LOSS LEADERS Warner Brothers sampler I have in my collection at this time. Donations welcome (analog or digital!). Thanks for enjoying.

MONSTERS Disc 1 (Sides 1 & 2):
MONSTERS Disc 2 (Sides 3 & 4):

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Last chance! VINYL SHELF Season 1 Downloads

Hey everyone...if you missed any of the VINYL SHELF episodes from Season 1, I'm going to offer them up one more time before the new season starts. Get 'em while you can (they're free and each episode fits on one CD, or listen on your iTunes) because the links will be disabled on August 1, 2010.

Season 2 premieres next week! ROCK ON!

Episodes 1 & 2:
Vinyl cuts from Alan Longmuir, Wildman Fischer, Soupy Sales, The Clash, Keith Allison, Bee Gees, Clapton/Page jam, RARE Little Richard 45 with Jimi Hendrix and more...

Episodes 3 & 4:
Jan & Dean vinyl outtakes, Ikettes, Porter Wagoner radio show, Chet Atkins does Rosemary's Baby, Charlie Chaplin music and so much more...

Episodes 5 & 6:
Rare Brian Wilson vinyl by American Spring, Mamas & Papas MONO, Flying Burrito Brothers, Arthur Lee, unreleased KISS dance mix and mo'...

Episode 7:
RARE vinyl from Stravinsky, Isley Brothers with Jimi, ZZ Top 12" Remix and more...

Episodes 8 & 9:
Live cuts from the Tubes, Claudine Longet in MONO, 1976 Radio Show with Carpenters and Blue Oyster Cult, Donovan, Tiny Tim, Sal Mineo, The Orlons and more great VINYL...

Episodes 10 & 11:
Faces, R.E.M., Joe Walsh likes big T's, Rick Springfield's Jessie's Girl demo and a whole FINALE episode of vinyl outtakes and super rarities...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

DEEP EAR A Warner/Reprise Loss Leader from 1974

Here's another Warner Brothers 2 LP sampler that dates from 1974. The title is a "Deep Throat" reference (of course I've had it in the ear before) and the artwork is hideous. Dr. Demento's opens side one declaring the album is rated "R" for records and "X" for extraordinary.

Some good tunes on here starting with a rocker from Good Rats and James Taylor follows it up with a song that's supposed to be a rocker but in my mind it sounds like he's still in Carolina.

Little Feat, Doug Sahm, Jimmy Cliff, The Meters and some blue eyed soul from Browning Bryant (written and produced by Allen Toussaint) are highlights along with Randy Newman's "Rollin'" and Frankie Miller's version of Toussaint's "Brickyard Blues" better known as a version by Three Dog Night.

Also, Van Dyke Parks own version of "Come To The Sunshine" (a hit for Harpers Bizarre) originally released on a rare MGM 45. And Wet Willie is the perfect way to end a "deep ear" compilation.
Good Rats: Back to My Music
James Taylor: Rock 'n' Roll Is Music Now
Jimmy Cliff: Music Maker
Richard Betts: Rain
Jesse Winchester: Wake Me
Elvin Bishop: Travelin' Shoes
Doug Sahm: Groover's Paradise
Little Feat: Spanish Moon
Maria Muldaur: Do I Care
Adam Faith: I Believe in Love
Ry Cooder: Tattler
Lorraine Ellison: Walk Around Heaven
Wendy Waldman: My Love Is All I Know
Frankie Miller: Brickyard Blues
America: Tin Man
Arlo Guthrie: Me and My Goose
Randy Newman: Rollin'
Van Dyke Parks: Come to the Sunshine
Jesse Colin Young: Light Shine
Browning Bryant: This Is My Day
Ashton and Lord: We're Gonna Make It
Bonnie Raitt: What Is Success
The Peter Peter Ivers Band: Alpha Centauri
John Hartford: Boogie
The Meters: Jungle Man
Wet Willie: Keep On Smilin'

DISC 1 (Sides 1 & 2):
DISC 2 (Sides 3 & 4):

LENNY BRUCE The Berkeley Concert BIZARRE 2 LP

Although the promo poster states that this is Lenny's last performance, that's not true. However, this December 1965 performance is one of Lenny's last MAJOR performances (he died 8 months later) and like Michael Jackson's "This Is It," this recording proves that Lenny was nowhere near finished and could still be a marvel if he wanted to be. He's got the audience with his every word and he's sharp and coherent. This LP features the complete unedited performance.
And I love the inside photo of Lenny cooking up some shit! Now wouldn't it have been great if Lenny had lived and got to record more albums in the late '60's for the Bizarre label?? What would Lenny Bruce have been like after the summer of love?

Frank Zappa was responsible for releasing this 2 LP set on the BIZARRE label which once again shows how FZ always knew what time it was. Ralph J. Gleason gets super serious with his liner notes but he's just trying to show how important Lenny is/was.

DISC 1 (Sides 1 & 2):
DISC 2 (Sides 3 & 4):

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VINYL SHELF Returns June 18th!!

SEASON TWO of the VINYL SHELF featuring The Pipe starts Friday, June 18th! The Pipe will be DJ'ing his favorite records with a whole new season of GREAT VINYL!

Listen to the VINYL SHELF every Friday for six straight weeks!! Two NEW episodes will debut every week, each featuring over 70 minutes of cool music from 45s, LPs and 78s starting June 18th!

WARNING: The first season of the VINYL SHELF will no longer be available to download on August 1, 2010.

SHA NA NA Time to take these guys seriously...seriously!

I never missed an episode of Sha Na Na’s TV show when I was a kid. They might have a tarnished image in your memory but for many, this band introduced young rock & roll music fans to classic oldies like “Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight," "Tell Laura I Love Her" and “Duke Of Earl” to name a few.

Recently, some writers and critics have been giving credit to Sha Na Na for being somewhat responsible for actually helping invent NOSTALGIA as we know it (many do not realize that Sha Na Na formed in the late 1960's and actually played at Woodstock, three days of GREASE, love and music).

A friend of mine was shocked when I pointed out that not only was this album from 1972 a GOOD Sha Na Na album but it also wasn’t JUST OLDIES and included some nice originals produced by the legendary Jeff Barry (“Da Doo Ron Ron,” “Sugar Sugar”) who contributes a couple songs of his own including the single “Bounce In Your Buggy” which is an album standout.

Other highlights are the Stones-y “It Ain’t Love” and Screamin’ Scott Simon’s opening hymn “Sunday Morning Radio.” Bowzer even supplies a unique track entitled “Glasses” and finds good use for his bass voice by exploring optical issues during the 14th century. And of course you do get some choice oldies like “Sea Cruise,” and “In The Still Of The Night.”

Most of the classic lineup from the TV show were already in the band by the time of this album (Johnny, Jocko, Screamin’ Scott, Denny, Danny, fat Lenny and even Santini, who at this time was known as Captain Outrageous), although original guitarist Vinnie Taylor died from a heroin overdose in 1974.

I know it's hard to forget about Grease For Peace, Bowzer’s biceps and those gold lame suits, but here's your chance to enjoy some classic Kama Sutra pop from the streets of New York.

Sunday Morning Radio / Sea Cruise / You Can Bet They Do / Bounce In Your Buggy / It Ain't Love / The Vote Song / Sleepin' On A Song / Bless My Soul / So Fine - You're So Fine / Oh! Lonesome Boy / It's What You Do With What You Got / Glasses/In The Still Of The Night

Saturday, June 5, 2010

“OCTOBER 10, 1969” Warner Brothers/Reprise LP

Since everyone's been digging my collection of Warner Brothers Sampler LPs, I thought I'd post a few more including this one which I found recently.

It's a PROMOTIONAL only LP entitled “OCTOBER 10, 1969” that highlights the WB releases scheduled for that week.

It has a great choice of tunes from THE KINKS to FRANK ZAPPA and even the MIKE POST COALITION is a must hear.

1. Norman Greenbaum: Spirit in the Sky
2. Levitt & McClure: Reflections
3. Denny Brooks: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
4. Ruthann Friedman: People
5. The Kinks: Shangri-La

6. Frank Zappa: Peaches en Regalia
7. Fleetwood Mac: Rattlesnake Shake
8. Eric Andersen: Lie with Me
9. The Fifth Avenue Band: Fast Freight
10. The Mike Post Coalition: Bubblegum Breakthrough
Interestingly enough, the liner notes are by John Mendelssohn who is a known rock journalist and also a musician who had a band called Christopher Milk. For a short period of time (and the Maels say “real short”) he played drums in an early version of Sparks called Halfnelson and the band is mentioned in John’s bio on the back cover. Early Halfnelson (or Half Nelson) mention on a major label in 1969!!

MIDDLE OF THE ROAD Warner Brothers Sampler 1972

This one dates from 1972 and is a 2 LP WB sampler spotlighting MOR artists, meaning “middle of the road,” meaning SAFE SOFT ROCK for aging hippies. But it’s compiled by Barry Hansen (aka Dr. Demento) who regardless makes interesting choices and puts Fleetwood Mac next to Frank Sinatra and Todd Rundgren makes another appearance along with the Beach Boys “Caroline No” (which is actually a sad story, the label decides to promote the FREE copy of "Pet Sounds" that was included with the latest effort by the Boys which was called “Carl And The Passions-So Tough”). And don’t forget “Life’s A Gas” from the “mostly” Electric Warrior album. Even though it might be a little ‘adult contemporary’ it’s a real fun listen.
In the Morning Jennifer
Sunshine Lady Dion
Friendly Sounds Rod McKuen
It's a Lovely Day Jesse Colin Young
Second Cup of Coffee; Ode to Big Blue Gordon Lightfoot
Hey Mister, That's Me up on the Jukebox James Taylor
Political Science Randy Newman
An Account of Haley's Comet John Stewart
Calico Silver; Write Me Down Kenny Rogers & the First Edition
Give Us a Break John Sebastian
World in Harmony Fleetwood Mac
Love's Been Good to Me Frank Sinatra
Paper Airplanes Seals & Crofts
Dust in the Wind Todd Rundgren
Caroline No Beach Boys
I Need You America
It Will Come to You Again Mary Travers
Life's a Gas T. Rex
Comin' Back to You Alex Taylor
When I Get Home Pentangle
Side Road Peter Yarrow
The Family Tony Joe White
If You Never Say Goodbye Dionne Warwick
Wedding Song (There Is Love) Paul Stookey

CD 1 (Sides 1 & 2)
CD 2 (Sides 3 & 4)

ALL MEAT Warner Brothers 2 LP Sampler 1975

It’s a little on the mellow side but wasn’t WB on the heavy mellow side by this point anyway? JT, Emmylou, Gary Wright and Peter Yarrow sit nicely alongside FACES (“You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything”), a great Spector produced single by Cher and Harry Nilsson, Todd Rundgren, rare Jimi Hendrix and an AWESOME version of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by Labelle!

It's ALL MEAT from the same bone.

CD 1 Sides 1 & 2
CD 2 Sides 3 & 4

Friday, June 4, 2010

Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks 2000 And Thirteen

What started out as a party skit in 1961 with friends Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, the 2000 Year Old Man kept aging and in 1973 he was 2013 years old. He made this album which may not be their funniest, but it was the one I didn't have and I just found it so I'm posting it in tribute to the great MEL BROOKS and his ultra talented friend CARL REINER. Longer may you run.

LENNY BRUCE United Artists LP Released 1967

Over the past 40 years, this material has been out many times under many different names but this LP was the first release of Lenny Bruce recordings from his February 1961 concert at Carnegie Hall. Although this is less than 30 minutes of the close to 2 hour performance, the bits are all five star Lenny at his best. Released on the United Artists label in 1967 it was simply titled "Lenny Bruce" and featured back cover liner notes by Paul Krassner, who edited Lenny's autobiography.