Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Bootleg Vinyl Sunday

...sung to the tune of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" of course. Because we're paying tribute to Davy, Micky, Mike and Peter today.
When I was a little kid I saved my allowance and joined a fan club called "Friends Of David Jones" when NOBODY cared about the Monkees. The fan club published a mimeographed newsletter that kept fans up to date with Davy's activity at the time which consisted of a new band called "Toast" and in 1978-1979 he was also hosting a syndicated Disco TV show called "Hot City" (not to mention revisiting his theatre roots in a new "Oliver" show). Imagine my surprise when I opened my mailbox one day and found an autographed postcard from Peter Tork (he obviously acquired all the "Friends Of David Jones" addresses) announcing the release of his 'Peter's Back' single (which was a steep $12.50!). Later, there was a great fanzine called "Monkee Business Fanzine" from New Jersey which would arrive four times a year and let me know there were other Monkees fans around including a few that also lived in Delaware. One summer, the local college movie theatre showed "Head" and "200 Motels" which also helped to solidify my Frank Zappa obssession.
Though not necessarily a bootleg, this LP by Davy Jones was released in Australia as a "limited collector's edition" on the K-Tel label. Remixed at Albert Studios in Sydney, these are the same tracks found on the 1981 live album that was only released in Japan called "Davy Jones Live In Japan" but the remixers attempt to pass these songs off as studio recordings, by removing the audience out of the mix altogether. However, thanks to the sheer volume of the excited Japanese fans, you can still hear shrieks and screams bleeding through Davy's microphone on his recorded vocal track. Weird. It's almost all Monkees tunes but there's also two Davy solo songs, "It's Now" and "How Do You Know."


  1. Holy shit Yes!!!!!! speaking of the Peter's Back single, do you happen to still have a copy? If so might I make a special request? How about those demos he did in the early 80s? I can't find them anywhere.

  2. Also Im sure it doesn't surprise you that I remember that postcard when it was up on your wall in your room, and those newsletters as well.

  3. I just caught that State Theatre reference... sadly they tour it down... awhile ago...before I ever moved to Ohio, and put in a fucking nother mini mall type building... the State was legend, and the world doesn't really need another Mall. Sad times...