Sunday, June 27, 2010


The curious tale of how Bob Marley and my Dad once worked together (sort of)...
Sometime in the late 1960's, Bob Marley temporarily moved to Delaware where his mother had relocated with her new husband. Bob's plan was to get a normal job to save money to build his own recording studio, Tuff Gong. Just before he left Jamaica, he married his sweetheart Rita because he loved her of course, but also just to ensure that he would return to her as soon as he had the money for the studio. Bob got a job at the Chrysler automobile plant in Newark, Delaware where my Dad also worked at the time. Of course, there were lots of employees and my Dad only remembers hearing about Bob Marley working there AFTER he was successful in music but I always found Bob's history in my hometown interesting. This ULTRA RARE bootleg vinyl LP is entitled "We'll Never Give Up" and was on the Look Records label.

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  1. There is a mural somewhere in Wilmington that he allegedly painted there. Wilmington also used to hold a music festival in his honor, they kind of talk up his time in DE. It was kind of brief, and at that time he wasn't a complete unknown, at least not in Jamaica anyways, but he had yet to hit world wide fame. It's still pretty cool that he spent time in our home state.