Monday, June 28, 2010

FREDDY WELLER Raider Goes Country!

NOW THE ELECTRIC GUITAR HAS COME FAR FROM THE HEART OF THE SOUTHLAND...Freddy Weller made his debut with Paul Revere & The Raiders in April 1967 on the Ed Sullivan Show playing “Him Or Me (What’s It Gonna Be)” as lead guitarist (replacing Jim "Harpo" Valley) but this Atlanta born musician always had country music running through his veins.

In 1969, he signed a solo contract with Columbia Records as a country singer. Raiders leader Mark Lindsay produced the first two albums and they’re both filled with country pop rock that will excite any Raiders fans in both track listing and production value. They’re like ‘cousin’ albums to the Raider discography. Mark Lindsay and Keith Allison appear on both and Raiders fans will instantly recognize “Louisiana Redbone,” “Freeborn Man” and “We Gotta All Get Together” which Weller wrote and was released as a single A-side by the Raiders in 1969.
L to R: Freddy Weller, Paul Revere, Mark Lindsay, Joe Jr., Keith Allison
At the time these LPs were released, Weller was also hot as a pop songwriter and co-wrote big hits with Tommy Roe like “Dizzy,” and “Jam Up And Jelly Tight” and through the years he’s had songs recorded by Reba McEntire, Swingin’ Medallions and even George Jones.

Byrds guitarist Clarence White picks some amazing guitar here and Elvis Presley alumni Glen D. Hardin plays piano (he also worked on some of my favorite Raiders albums) and alongside Weller’s own compositions (a few co-written with Tommy Roe) there are covers of The Band, Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson.

And of course there are a bunch of Joe South songs including “These Are Not My People” which is one of his best and Freddy Weller actually sent “Games People Play” to #2 on the Country chart in 1969. It’s interesting to think that Mark Lindsay had a few country hits as a producer thanks to Weller’s success and also thanks to an era where country music was hip to many Hollywood rocker’s ears. Bob Dylan, The Byrds, The Monkees, Flying Burrito Brothers, Buffalo Springfield and others were listening to Buck Owens, Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard and this was being reflected on their latest albums with a psychedelic slant.

Freddy Weller
Games People Play
(Columbia CS 9904)
Producer: Mark Lindsay
Freddy Weller: vocals, guitar
Glen D. Hardin: piano / Clarence White: guitar / Red Rhodes: steel guitar / Keith Allison: bass / Dennis St. John: drums / Archie Francis: drums
Games People Play (South) / Oakridge Tennesee (Weller / Roe) / Home (Weller) / Louisiana Redbone (Allison / Lindsay) / One Woman Can't Hold Me (Weller) / My My Momma (Weller / Roe) / These Are Not My People (South) / Freeborn Man (Lindsay / Allison) / You Never Knew Julie (Weller / Lindsay) / Birmingham (Weller / Roe) / Goodnight Sandy (Weller)

Freddy Weller
Listen To The Young Folks
(Columbia 1036)
Producer: Mark Lindsay
Freddy Weller: guitar, vocals

Listen To The Young Folks (Weller) / Children (South) / Look For Me When You See Me Comin' (Weller / Cartey) / Sunday Morning Comin' Down (Kristofferson) / I Shook The Hand (Banks) / Down In The Boondocks (South) / Okie From Muskogee (Haggard / Burris) / That Little Boy (Weller / Roe) / Up On Cripple Creek (Robertson) / We Gotta All Get Together (Weller) / Amarillo Texas (Weller / Roe)


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