Thursday, June 10, 2010

LENNY BRUCE The Berkeley Concert BIZARRE 2 LP

Although the promo poster states that this is Lenny's last performance, that's not true. However, this December 1965 performance is one of Lenny's last MAJOR performances (he died 8 months later) and like Michael Jackson's "This Is It," this recording proves that Lenny was nowhere near finished and could still be a marvel if he wanted to be. He's got the audience with his every word and he's sharp and coherent. This LP features the complete unedited performance.
And I love the inside photo of Lenny cooking up some shit! Now wouldn't it have been great if Lenny had lived and got to record more albums in the late '60's for the Bizarre label?? What would Lenny Bruce have been like after the summer of love?

Frank Zappa was responsible for releasing this 2 LP set on the BIZARRE label which once again shows how FZ always knew what time it was. Ralph J. Gleason gets super serious with his liner notes but he's just trying to show how important Lenny is/was.

DISC 1 (Sides 1 & 2):
DISC 2 (Sides 3 & 4):

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  1. The older I get, the more impressed I am with Lenny Bruce. The man was utterly without peer! The Berkley Concert is a gem: Lenny at the end of a long and bitter road - and yet still screamingly funny!

    Tom Degan