Sunday, June 20, 2010


Visually enticing with RED VINYL appeal and a promising track listing of prime MOTT THE HOOPLE live cuts and studio demos, this recently pressed, limited edition (only 300 pressed! or so says the cover) bootleg is a pretty good mix of Mott rarities. Any fan will surely dig listening to this LP, but parts of it are haphazardly thrown together (they leave in introductions for songs that have been edited out which probably means these tracks were sourced from a CD). Overall, the sound quality's decent and there's a cool concert introduction by David Bowie who also croaks in for the choruses of "All The Young Dudes."

The version of "Death May Be Your Santa Claus" here is an studio outtake that ROCKS.

Look for the vinyl in your local shops if you want to get the free bonus MOTT PATCH!


  1. Hey Jim... I am only a casual downloader. I tend to buy my music (a bit out of step with modern times I guess!) but I do browse the blogs for stuff that's out of print or never released on CD. Holy Cow! what a find today when I stumbled onto your site! You have a lot of cool stuff that was never on CD but the cream of the crop for me was all these Warner-Reprise Loss Leader LPs. These are collections that I would love to see released on CD but for licensing reasons alone they will clearly never be released in physical digital format, not even by Rhino Handmade. I had three that I ordered in the late 70s and three that were handed down to me... lo and behold you have posted five out of six that I had and quite a few more! I just want to thank you so very much for making my day... no, my year!, with these awesome posts. If you have any more I hope you post them soon! And if you have a want list please let me know... I would love to return the favor if I can. All the best and happy new year! keithf77777

  2. Mott is top!
    Thank you very much!