Saturday, June 5, 2010

“OCTOBER 10, 1969” Warner Brothers/Reprise LP

Since everyone's been digging my collection of Warner Brothers Sampler LPs, I thought I'd post a few more including this one which I found recently.

It's a PROMOTIONAL only LP entitled “OCTOBER 10, 1969” that highlights the WB releases scheduled for that week.

It has a great choice of tunes from THE KINKS to FRANK ZAPPA and even the MIKE POST COALITION is a must hear.

1. Norman Greenbaum: Spirit in the Sky
2. Levitt & McClure: Reflections
3. Denny Brooks: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
4. Ruthann Friedman: People
5. The Kinks: Shangri-La

6. Frank Zappa: Peaches en Regalia
7. Fleetwood Mac: Rattlesnake Shake
8. Eric Andersen: Lie with Me
9. The Fifth Avenue Band: Fast Freight
10. The Mike Post Coalition: Bubblegum Breakthrough
Interestingly enough, the liner notes are by John Mendelssohn who is a known rock journalist and also a musician who had a band called Christopher Milk. For a short period of time (and the Maels say “real short”) he played drums in an early version of Sparks called Halfnelson and the band is mentioned in John’s bio on the back cover. Early Halfnelson (or Half Nelson) mention on a major label in 1969!!

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  1. WOW!!--I've had this LP for about 30 years now & I've never seen another copy!!