Monday, June 14, 2010

SLADE The Warner Brothers U.S. Versions

These two LPs released on the Warner Brothers label in the U.S. are two of my favorite SLADE albums and they've never been issued on CD anywhere in the world. Both albums differ from their UK counterpart very much like the early Beatles U.S. Capitol albums.

Slade released "Old New Borrowed And Blue" in the UK in early 1974 and it went straight to #1. In America, Warner Brothers tried to break the band to U.S. audiences by releasing "Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet" which was pretty much the same album minus a few tracks ("My Friend Stan" and "My Town"). Like the abbreviated U.S. version of "Revolver," the 10 song version is quick and to the point although I'm not really sure of the logic of taking off those two songs especially since "Stan" was a worldwide hit and "My Town" is a great rocker that I'm sure Americans would have loved.


"Slade In Flame" was the band's first film and soundtrack but this was no "A Hard Day's Night" and nowhere near "Hold On!" I've always enjoyed the movie but it's a bit slow and serious and not at all what you would expect from a fun, goodtime band like Slade. The music on the 1975 soundtrack also reflects a mature production (a horn section!) but yields some STELLAR tunes like "How Does It Feel?" and "Far Far Away."

Two songs differ between the U.S. and UK versions. The U.S. substituted two UK hit singles ("The Bangin' Man" and "Thanks For The Memory" filling this version with four UK hits) for the sentimental "Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)" and a good but typical mid-tempo song called "Heaven Knows."

Which is better? You decide...

Stan aside, my friend Alex in the UK is super cool and this is just one of the reasons. He met Noddy Holder at an event for the DVD release and got an autograph for me on a promo card. THANKS ALEX!! 'E's a gud bloak, eye beleeve!


  1. OMG SLADE!!!!!!!!!!! If you didn't already know? I love you. Seriously, it's ALL YOUR FAULT I love Slade like I do, and giving me Slade to download is like giving a junkie deep fried crack sprinkled with brown sugar.

    ...see? It's already turned me into a raving lunatic. :p

    LOVE YOU!!!