Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TINY TIM Concert In Fairyland...WEIRD cash-in album!

In 1968, Tiny Tim was a household name and had seemingly overnight success. Bouquet Records took advantage of him with some unauthorized tapes they had that were recorded in Greenwich Village way back in 1962. Adding fake crowd noise and applause with other overdubs, they snuck the LP into record stores before Tiny Tim's second official album was released. Tiny Tim thought it was horrible and sued the label to have the record stopped.

The liner notes on the back cover are funny:
as the title of this album suggests,
is all about the "dear sweet" world of Tiny Tim,
a world of fantasy,
of gay abandon,
and above all a world of love and kisses.......

It is in this spirit that
is thus presented for your entertainment.
And as Tiny Tim would say
to all his "dear sweet" friends,
enjoy it and do have fun."

This is one bizarre album. I kinda like it!

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