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THE VINYL SHELF--The 'Weird' Episode

It’s mostly weird because the number 13 allows it to be. What’s so weird about Barney Kessel or The Osmonds? Maybe nothing, but in this context next to the Uncle Floyd theme and trippy psychedelic themed vinyl it IS weird. And by the way, the Osmonds are SUPER weird. Listen to Zappa speaking from a rock viewpoint and Jonathan Winters returns a toaster. We’re ALL weird and that makes it okay for The Pipe to be weird too. Dig?

ALSO, Episode #14 features great tunes by Loverboy, Boston, a double shot of Richie Blackmore, George Jones and the DC5. Wait, THAT'S EVEN WEIRDER!!

EPISODES 13 & 14:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Enter HERE for THE VINYL SHELF--2 New Episodes!

Right through here folks! Come in and visit the world of THE VINYL SHELF...

THE PIPE is your host and this week he presents TWO ALL-NEW EPISODES with TONS of great music from his vast record collection.

Check out a cool BEAT THE CLOCK 12" mix, JUSTIN from MILK 'N' COOKIES rare 1982 SOLO 12" single with EARLE MANKEY producing, MARILYN MONROE sings, PINK LADY, BLACK CROWES vinyl only b-side (JOE SOUTH tune), MAX ROMEO reggaes it up with KEITH RICHARDS on guitar, VIV STANSHALL with KEITH MOON on drums and wait until you hear TOM JONES do The Archies!! Special Guest on LIVE CUTS is Marshall Crenshaw. Now what song is it YOU wanna hear?
...Over 2 Hours!

Now available for download!

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Welcome to the VINYL SHELF with your host, THE PIPE!


Season 2, Episodes 8 & 9:

Take the movie soundtrack quiz on episode 8 if you dare!
And #9 has PUNK ROCK, SOUL, DISCO CHER with GENE SIMMONS and we open a SEALED Led Zeppelin "CODA"!!!

Wait!! WHAT'S THIS!!???!!??!?!???!!!!
Here's a BONUS LINK with a WACKY 10th Episode!! THANKS FOR LISTENING!

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By request, here are a few RARE early LP releases (pre-Columbia Records) by the great Paul Revere & The Raiders featuring Mark Lindsay.

The band's first LP, "Like, Long Hair" from 1961 is incredibly hard to find and a highly sought after valuable slab of vinyl. I've had my copy for YEARS and it sounds pretty good. It's full of boogie woogie piano rockers featuring Paul Revere with wailin' sax by Mark Lindsay. It's got a 50's instrumental rock vibe and sometimes they even sound like a jazz combo ("Swinging Shepherd Blues"). If you're looking for the 'classic' Raider sound, it's not here at all but over the years I've come to love this album. It was reissued with a new cover a few years ago (and some bonus tracks) but there ain't nothing like the real thing, baby.

Like, Long Hair
All Night Long
Summer Time
Tall Cool One
Wabash Blues
Concert in "F" Sharp
Beatnik Sticks
Swinging Shepherd Blues
The Last Mile
Road Runner
Moon Dawg

There were a few singles released on the Gardena label around this time also including a non-LP early two-part rave up called "Shake It Up" that was later re-recorded and released as the b-side of "Kicks." Many people have never heard the original versions. My ears tell me that Mike "Smitty" Smith is on drums by this time.
In 1963, the band's manager Roger Hart released this self-titled album on his own Sande Records label. This is the "garage rock" Raiders, stompin' their way through some New Orleans R&B and heavy soul rockers. The quality is distorted and they even added some fake audience to try and cover it up. It's mostly New Orleans R&B and party rockers that show what a great live band Paul Revere & The Raiders had become by this point.

Shake Rattle And Roll
Don't Be Cruel
Linda Lu
So Fine
Blues Stay Away
Work With Me Annie
Mojo Workout
Rinky Dink
Hey Baby
Hard Tonk
Irresistable You

After the Raiders became huge TV stars and Top 10 chart busters, Jerden Records released a cash-in called "In The Beginning" with a song listing that looked suspiciously like the Sande LP. Although the track listing on both LPs are exactly the same, the recordings are COMPLETELY different. The Jerden versions are better quality STUDIO recordings compared to the Sande 'fake live' versions. Recorded around the same time, it's interesting to compare the two. A few years later, the budget label Pickwick Records put out a version of the Jerden LP with a psychedelic cover and in fake stereo. Confused yet?
IN THE BEGINNING (Jerden Records Mono LP)

Monday, July 12, 2010

PAUL LYNDE Recently Released

HERE'S A RARE AND WEIRD ALBUM FROM THIS GREAT ACTOR/COMEDIAN! Maybe it's not 'laugh out loud' comedy, but this LP proves Paul Lynde was truly an individual in the showbiz world. I had this on my Ipod during a tour and couldn't stop listening to it.


Two more Lenny LP posts for you to check out as I finish re-reading Albert Goldman's bio. Don't want to spoil it for anyone, but Lenny dies at the end. Seriously though, good book, but we all know Goldman's reputation and there's a lot of babbling in it that I think I would've edited out and also I hate reading conversations between people that are written by someone who wasn't there but...


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It has been brought to my attention that the Megaupload link for Season 2, Episode 2 had some digital glitches on it (watch out for the digital glitch!) during the Stones and Yardbirds songs. I re-uploaded the episode and it's ready for you to download if you want a flawless version.
EPISODE 2 Reload--
And for those of you who haven't checked out SEASON TWO of the VINYL SHELF, you're missing out on some good tunes and lots of fun. Here are the links!

EPISODES 3 & 4--
EPISODES 5 & 6--


Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash

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THE WOMAN WE LOVE: Peggy Lee Vinyl Bonanza

Sea Shells
Decca 1958 -- all songs recorded 2/7/55 or 3/31/55
Released on the Decca label in 1958, the music on this very special Peggy Lee album was recorded over three years before that in 1955. This LP is a unique artistic statement full of fascinating harp and harpsichord music with beautiful melodies (and poems) sung and narrated (and sometimes written) by Peggy. It’s no wonder the record label didn’t know what to do with it at first but luckily they eventually released it for us to hear. I found a flawless Japanese mono pressing that I’ll start off this Peggy Lee bonanza with.
Sea Fever
Nine Thorny Thickets
Little Old Car
Greensleeves (Stella Castellucci, Harpist)
Chinese Love Poems: The Fisherman, Autumn Evening
The Happy Monks (Stella Castellucci, Harpist)
The White Brick and the Sycamore
Of Such Is the Kingdom of God
A Brown Bird Singing
I Don't Want to Play In Your Yard
The Maid With The Flaxen Hair (Stella Castellucci, Harpist) The Wearing of the Green
Chaconde (Stella Castellucci, Harpist)
Chinese Love Poems: Going Rowing, Like the Moon, The Musicians
The Riddle Song
The Gold Wedding Ring

The Man I Love
Capitol 1957--arr. Nelson Riddle, cond. Frank Sinatra

“The Man I Love” is Peggy’s 1957 collaboration with Frank Sinatra who conducts, and Nelson Riddle who arranges. This album is BEAUTIFUL and features some of Peggy’s best vocal work. When you’re working with “The Voice” I guess you HAVE to deliver. According to George Jacobs’ revealing F.S. bio, Frank would sometimes go to Peggy as a last resort(!) when he was looking for some hot action on those lonely Hollywood nights. This album spotlights her breathtaking vocal quality surrounded by lush orchestrations.
The Man I Love
Please Be Kind
Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe
Just One Way to Say I Love You
That's All
Something Wonderful
He's My Guy
Then I'll Be Tired of You
My Heart Stood Still
If I Should Lose You
There Is No Greater Love
The Folks who Live on the Hill

Jump for Joy
Capitol 1959--arr./cond. Nelson Riddle

“Jump For Joy” is a joyful collection of rhythmic happiness featuring arrangements of swinging songs by Nelson Riddle from 1959. If you can’t bop with me to this one, somebody will…
Jump for Joy
Back in Your Own Back Yard
When My Sugar Walks Down the Street
I Hear Music
Just in Time
Old Devil Moon
What a Little Moonlight Can Do
Four or Five Times
Music, Music, Music
Cheek to Cheek
The Glory of Love
Ain't We Got Fun

Beauty and the Beat
Capitol 1959--"Live" with George Shearing

Here’s a really great first pressing MONO Capitol LP featuring Peggy singing with George Shearing on piano recorded “live” in Miami at a DJ convention.
Do I Love You?
I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City
If Dreams Come True
All Too Soon
Mambo In Miami (George Shearing, Piano)
Isn't It Romantic (George Shearing, Piano)
Blue Prelude
You Came a Long Way from St. Louis
Always True to You In My Fashion
There'll Be Another Spring
Get Out of Town
Satin Doll (George Shearing, Piano)

A&M Records 1975--arr./cond. by Johnny Mandel
On the opening track, Peggy actually has the balls to sing lyrics about getting her teeth out of the jar and taking her wig from the drawer because she's ready for her comeback. 1975's “Mirrors” featured all new songs by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, they of ‘greatest songwriters of all-time’ fame. “Mirrors” is a return to form for Peggy and for Leiber & Stoller who managed to do their best “Lil’ Beethoven” for this stellar album.
Ready to Begin Again (Manya's Song)
Some Cats Know
I've Got Them Feeling Too Good Today Blues
A Little White Ship
Professor Hauptmann's Performing Dogs
The Case of M.J.
I Remember
Say It
Longings for a Simpler Time

All songs by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

The early music of Bill, Mark & Brett--TV’S HUDSON BROTHERS!

Released in 1978 on the First American Records label, “TV’S HUDSON BROTHERS” was a quick cash-in (actually a little too late, by this time the brothers were going disco and their second TV show “Bonkers” was on the air…does ANYBODY have any copies of “Bonkers”?? Now, repeat that in your best Robert Plant voice) of old 45 sides that Bill, Mark and Brett recorded as The New Yorkers in the late 1960’s.

The brothers sound as young as they were and they do a nice job on their British accents with an early Beatles/Bee Gees/Herman’s Hermits poppy vibe. The liner notes say:

“Recorded in Hollywood, California, Seattle and Vancouver, Washington 1966 to 1968. Bill, Mark and Brett Hudson were “discovered” in 1966 by Jim Bailey, who brought them to the attention of Jerry Dennon and Jerden Records. Numerous single releases were issued on the Scepter and Jerden labels during this time under the name The New Yorkers. An original fourth member of the New Yorkers was Kent Fillmore. He was later replaced by Bob Haworth. This album represents the initial recordings by the three Hudson Brothers from Portland, Oregon.”

Though their best songs were yet to come, at least this hard to find LP enables fans to hear some of these even harder to find singles in perfect quality, although the original 45s that I’ve come across do pack a better punch in their mastering.

Show Me The Way To Love
Seeds Of Spring
When I’m Gone
Mr. Kirby

Lazy Meadow
Ice Cream World
Michael Clover
Land Of Ur

There was another New Yorkers single released on Decca Records in 1969 which was a cover version of Harry Nilsson’s “I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City” with “Do Wah Diddy” (sic) on the flip side. I know I could use an upgrade of this rare gem, but here ‘tis anyway.

I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City b/w Do Wah Diddy

Now officially reduced to a trio of brothers, the next Decca single released in 1970 featured a name change, they were now “Everyday Hudson” and a self-composed gem of a tune called “Laugh, Funny Funny” showed the direction of the brothers’ future music.

Laugh, Funny Funny b/w Love Is A Word

Lionel Records released the next single 1971 as by “Hudson” and it’s kind of a Mersey-style reggae rocker called “The World Would Be A Little Bit Better” with “Love Nobody” on the other side

The World Would Be A Little Bit Better b/w Love Nobody

Sticking with the “Hudson” moniker, the brothers’ first full-length LP was released in 1972 on the Playboy Records label featuring ten originals that signify their musical maturity. The boys play all the guitars, bass and drums and some songs feature string and orchestral arrangements that reflect the moodiness of the Bee Gees and early Elton John. The seriousness found on “Hudson” was soon out of place when the band found teen idol popularity via their Saturday morning TV show, but this LP showcases their musical talents and pave the way to the excellent albums on Elton’s Rocket label.

Lovely Lady
If I Needed You
Woe Is Me
Whats A Fella Sposta Do

Leavin’ It’s Over
Little Old Man
I’ve Been Told
Help Me
Everybody Sing

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


One of the best rock albums ever made. This is from clean U.S. vinyl and overall it's the same as the UK release. But it's just so great, I couldn't help myself. if that's not enough, here's some KILLER Slade B-sides from my 45 collection to fill out your disc.

SHA NA NA The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll

The Golden Age Of Rock ‘N’ Roll

Here it is, the big daddy of all double album oldies vinyl sets. Kama Sutra Records released this in 1973 and it features New York studio sessions on side one and three sides FULL of live recordings from the Winterland in San Francisco, the city where Sha Na Na found early popularity. This 2 LP set contains over 30 classic oldies done by the Sha Na Na boys.

The opening track “A Lover’s Question” is one of my all-time favorite songs that was originally a hit by the late, great Clyde McPhatter. Denny Greene does a nice job singing it here and that’s probably the reason they opened the album with it. “His Latest Flame” is sung by the band’s resident Elvis vocalist, Scott "Santini" Powell, who’s still billed as ‘Captain Outrageous’ on this album but by the time of the TV show he'd found his ‘loverboy’ image as Santini. He’s currently a doctor in Santa Monica!

Bowzer’s in full effect, slowly becoming a main voice which is understandable because the ‘bassman’ was so prevalent in early rock ‘n’ roll and also his speaking voice was interesting and "tough." As usual, Jocko ROCKS, Donny and Johnny put soul into their lead vocals and the secret weapon is piano man, Screamin’ Scott Simon.

Lead guitar on this LP is the great Vinnie Taylor who sadly died just one year later. But he is immortalized on the ‘HUGE SOUVENIR POSTER’ so rock on, Vinnie!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Exclusive lost recorded artifacts (unearthed from my closet) proving Rollermania was a reality and going strong in the U.S. even by Christmas 1977 as the band soldiered on as a four piece lineup (Woody, Eric, Leslie and Derek) after two failed attempts to replace original Roller Alan.

In 1977, the latest album was “It’s A Game” (actually by this time Arista had snuck out the "Greatest Hits" collection) and the BCR were in Boston to do a Christmas show and also to receive gold record awards for “It’s A Game” which sold quickly thanks to a pair of big U.S. radio hits, “You Made Me Believe In Magic” and “The Way I Feel Tonight.” Both songs were completely unthreatening to young radio listeners but they were completely alienating to any rocker who was ever a smidgeon into the Rollers. 1977 was the year the BCR underwent a bit of an image change visually, with Eric performing in short jean shorts and they had longer hair and earrings and sometimes NO PLAID!

The Bay City Rollers closed the show at WRKO’s Christmas Concert at the Gardens in Boston on December 17th performing with James Montgomery Band, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Shaun Cassidy and Andy Gibb!!! Now THAT’S a lineup!

Technical issues with Eric Faulkner’s guitar delay the opening song (they leave the stage until it’s remedied which is soon followed by “We Want The Rollers!” crowd chants and more confusion) and the fans shriek constantly just like they were supposed to. Their playing here is a bit rough (and the music comes off a bit empty without the extra rhythm guitarist) but they shine on the "It's A Game" material with Faulkner’s lead guitar talents displayed on “Love Fever” and his cover of Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel.”

I love the little break in the cassette when you actually hear the band Boston for a few seconds! The gold record presentation at the end is very chaotic. The fans are tireless and scream for the Rollers at the very end of the night and that’s after watching Shaun and Andy too!

WRKO Third Annual Christmas Concert
BOSTON, MA December 17, 1977
Wouldn’t You Like It
It’s A Game
Yesterday’s Hero
Rock & Roll Love Letter
Love Fever
Don’t Stop The Music
You’re A Woman
Rebel Rebel
I Only Want To Be With You
You Made Me Believe In Magic
Money Honey
Saturday Night
Note: During my time spent recording at Cherokee Studios, I was once taken upstairs to look at all the gold records they had that weren’t being displayed on the walls of the studio's main lobby and hallway. There was an “It’s A Game” award leaning against the wall and the Robb Brothers had lots of stories about the band recording some of the album there.

The second rare performance is from a broadcast on Japanese radio. Again it’s the four piece lineup and it’s short but sounds OK with lots of Eric Faulkner’s guitar coming through and the vocals sound good too, but there’s not much drums or bass in the mix.

The Bay City Rollers were HUGE in Japan and the mania there rivaled any other stricken country. Listen as the fans sing along to every word. The Japanese fans actually remained true to the band years after everyone else tried to forget. Following the songs, a Japanese DJ speaks of the Rollers and names the songs.
At the very end of this tape was a really nice sounding “Money Honey” from Midnight Special 1977 and a special bonus version of “Dance Dance Dance” covered by a Japanese girl band!

Tokyo Japan
Soundboard Radio Broadcast September 21, 1977
Yesterday’s Hero
I Only Want To Be With You
Dance Dance Dance
Don’t Let The Music Die
You Made Me Believe In Magic
Saturday Night
Bonus: Money Honey (Midnight Special) & Dance Dance Dance (cover version)

Note: These transfers are from old cassette tapes that I traded with BCR fans years ago and they’ve never been available anywhere else. What you hear is what you get, audio snapshots of the Rollers whirlwind history.


The Bay City Rollers were coming! They talked about them in all the teen magazines and showed pictures of five strange looking guys with spiky hair and weird trousers who were causing Beatle-style mania in Europe and the U.S. was their next stop. I was too young to have experienced Beatlemania firsthand, but I was still a massive Beatles fan and anxiously awaited every new release from Wings and any other solo Beatles material that was coming out. But here were these young guys coming from Scotland with a driving single called "Saturday Night" and a promise to be a huge sensation in America. The Beatles debuted on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, and now 11 years later, the Rollers were going to debut on Howard Cosell's Saturday night variety TV show. As a young rocker I was sure this was going to be the NEXT BEATLES!!

Collecting BCR vinyl has always been fun and a relatively cheap exercise. Only in the past few years have I seen their LPs filed in proper BCR sections in record shops and not only in the 99 cent bargain bin. Through the years I've scored some ultra rare U.S. singles too including some stock copies of their early flop Bell 45s but one of my rarest is a single that was only released as a promotional copy in 1975. "Give A Little Love" has the same catalog # that was later used for "Saturday Night" which means the label changed their minds at the last minute to put out "Saturday Night" as the first major release to introduce the U.S. audience to the Rollers.

"Saturday Night" was already a flop once back in 1973 when it was released in the UK with lead vocal by original Roller singer Nobby Clark. A few of the singles that Nobby sang on were re-recorded with new vocalist Leslie McKeown, including "Saturday Night" to fill out the group's first two UK albums released in 1974 and 1975. "Remember (Sha La La)" (with new Leslie vocal) became a huge hit in Europe. "Give A Little Love" would have been a nice single for America (the track opens up the first Arista album) but "Saturday Night" sounded great on American radio next to "Fox On The Run" and "Telephone Line" plus it was the PERFECT song to play on Howard Cosell's SATURDAY NIGHT TV show!

To introduce the Rollers to the U.S. album buying audience, Arista Records decided to make a conglomerate of the first two UK albums ("Rollin'" and "Once Upon A Star"), do a little remixing ("Be My Baby" is COMPLETELY different on the U.S. album and "Give A Little Love" removes the fancy string arrangement found on the third UK album "Wouldn't You Like It?") and push the plaid image with unique artwork for the sleeve. The band even re-recorded their very first single, "Keep On Dancing" with new Leslie vocal and more guitars.

1."Give A Little Love" - Goodison, Wainman
2."Bye Bye Baby" - Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio
3."Shang-A-Lang" - Martin, Coulter
4."Marlina" - Faulkner, McKeown, Wood
5."Let's Go (A Huggin' And A Kissin' In The Moonlight)" - Goodison, Wainman
6."Be My Baby" - Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Phil Spector
7."Summer Love Sensation" - Martin, Coulter
8."Remember (Sha-La-La-La)" - Martin, Coulter
9."Saturday Night" - Martin, Coulter
10."My Teenage Heart" - Faulkner, Wood
11."Keep On Dancing" - Young

"Bye Bye Baby" was a #1 single in the UK in 1975. In January 1976, "Saturday Night" was a #1 single in the U.S.!!

The second album released in the States in early 1976 looked similar to the UK counterpart but "Rock 'N' Roll Love Letter" was a strong album full of rockers written by Eric Faulkner and Stuart "Woody" Wood and included a brand new single called "Money Honey" which raced up the charts and the title track was also a favorite with fans.

1."Money Honey" (Faulkner, Wood)
2."La Belle Jeane" (Faulkner, Wood)
3."Rock And Roll Love Letter" (Moore)
4."Maybe I'm A Fool To Love You" (Faulkner, Wood)
5."Wouldn't You Like It" (Faulkner, Wood)
6."I Only Wanna Dance With You" (Faulkner, Wood)
7."Shanghai'd In Love" (Faulkner, Wood)
8."Don't Stop The Music" (Faulkner, Wood)
9."The Disco Kid" (Faulkner, Wood)
10."Eagles Fly" (Faulkner, Wood)
11."Too Young To Rock & Roll" (Faulkner, Wood)
Whether many will admit it or not, these two albums influenced countless American rockers (including The Ramones and yours truly) to pick up guitars and play (tartan optional). They have never been released on CD in these formats (the UK albums have taken over as the 'proper' CD releases) and the Rollers continue to fight Arista Records for back royalties so we probably never will see these reissued officially.

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By special request (Dean, are you sure you really want to hear this?), here's Peter Tork's "Higher And Higher" single from 1981 with a new version of "(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone" on the flip side.

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A 60 minute vinyl mix celebrating the music of DUKE ELLINGTON
from THE PIPE’s collection of LPs, 45s & 78s…

Tonight on...The VINYL SHELF!!

Listen to Harry James New York World's Fair broadcast with Frank Sinatra plus everything from MECO to THE long as it's on VINYL!
Download THE VINYL SHELF to find out was on the Berlin Hit Parade in 1968 and to hear the ULTRA RARE 45 version of AEROSMITH's Train Kept A Rollin'.
Plus KINKS, AC/DC, Mono BCR, Chic, SUN RA, Paul McCartney "Maybe I'm Amazed" REMIX and hear Elvis sing "Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello"...and HELLO from THE PIPE too!
Download HERE: