Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The early music of Bill, Mark & Brett--TV’S HUDSON BROTHERS!

Released in 1978 on the First American Records label, “TV’S HUDSON BROTHERS” was a quick cash-in (actually a little too late, by this time the brothers were going disco and their second TV show “Bonkers” was on the air…does ANYBODY have any copies of “Bonkers”?? Now, repeat that in your best Robert Plant voice) of old 45 sides that Bill, Mark and Brett recorded as The New Yorkers in the late 1960’s.

The brothers sound as young as they were and they do a nice job on their British accents with an early Beatles/Bee Gees/Herman’s Hermits poppy vibe. The liner notes say:

“Recorded in Hollywood, California, Seattle and Vancouver, Washington 1966 to 1968. Bill, Mark and Brett Hudson were “discovered” in 1966 by Jim Bailey, who brought them to the attention of Jerry Dennon and Jerden Records. Numerous single releases were issued on the Scepter and Jerden labels during this time under the name The New Yorkers. An original fourth member of the New Yorkers was Kent Fillmore. He was later replaced by Bob Haworth. This album represents the initial recordings by the three Hudson Brothers from Portland, Oregon.”

Though their best songs were yet to come, at least this hard to find LP enables fans to hear some of these even harder to find singles in perfect quality, although the original 45s that I’ve come across do pack a better punch in their mastering.

Show Me The Way To Love
Seeds Of Spring
When I’m Gone
Mr. Kirby

Lazy Meadow
Ice Cream World
Michael Clover
Land Of Ur

There was another New Yorkers single released on Decca Records in 1969 which was a cover version of Harry Nilsson’s “I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City” with “Do Wah Diddy” (sic) on the flip side. I know I could use an upgrade of this rare gem, but here ‘tis anyway.

I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City b/w Do Wah Diddy

Now officially reduced to a trio of brothers, the next Decca single released in 1970 featured a name change, they were now “Everyday Hudson” and a self-composed gem of a tune called “Laugh, Funny Funny” showed the direction of the brothers’ future music.

Laugh, Funny Funny b/w Love Is A Word

Lionel Records released the next single 1971 as by “Hudson” and it’s kind of a Mersey-style reggae rocker called “The World Would Be A Little Bit Better” with “Love Nobody” on the other side

The World Would Be A Little Bit Better b/w Love Nobody

Sticking with the “Hudson” moniker, the brothers’ first full-length LP was released in 1972 on the Playboy Records label featuring ten originals that signify their musical maturity. The boys play all the guitars, bass and drums and some songs feature string and orchestral arrangements that reflect the moodiness of the Bee Gees and early Elton John. The seriousness found on “Hudson” was soon out of place when the band found teen idol popularity via their Saturday morning TV show, but this LP showcases their musical talents and pave the way to the excellent albums on Elton’s Rocket label.

Lovely Lady
If I Needed You
Woe Is Me
Whats A Fella Sposta Do

Leavin’ It’s Over
Little Old Man
I’ve Been Told
Help Me
Everybody Sing


  1. Happy to see this earlier era stuff here. I have Hollywood Situation, Ba-Fa, and Totally Out of Control. I honestly didn't remember much these guy's music. Them being musicans were almost an afterthought when watching their shows. My child's mind always thought of them as 3 crazy guys who made me laugh as a kid. I am truly digging their stuff though.

  2. Jim!!!---I don't know if I ever told you but A)I have a MINT copy of "I Guess The Lord Must Be In NYC"(which,at Beatlefest back in Brett told me that they were friends with Nilsson & that Harry's version was never supposed to be a single.It was only after it was in Midnight Cowboy that RCA decided to put out the 45,which killed the New Yorkerssingle,which,again according to Brett was getting some serious regional action in a "number of markets")---I'll have to burn it for you.
    B)Brett also told me--1.There's a "Mr.Kirby" PROMO CLIP & he has it!!!---I-OF COURSE!!!--asked about getting a copy,gave him my email.Still Waiting........He also sez,that both BONKERS! AND the '74 Variety Show are coming out......