Wednesday, July 14, 2010


By request, here are a few RARE early LP releases (pre-Columbia Records) by the great Paul Revere & The Raiders featuring Mark Lindsay.

The band's first LP, "Like, Long Hair" from 1961 is incredibly hard to find and a highly sought after valuable slab of vinyl. I've had my copy for YEARS and it sounds pretty good. It's full of boogie woogie piano rockers featuring Paul Revere with wailin' sax by Mark Lindsay. It's got a 50's instrumental rock vibe and sometimes they even sound like a jazz combo ("Swinging Shepherd Blues"). If you're looking for the 'classic' Raider sound, it's not here at all but over the years I've come to love this album. It was reissued with a new cover a few years ago (and some bonus tracks) but there ain't nothing like the real thing, baby.

Like, Long Hair
All Night Long
Summer Time
Tall Cool One
Wabash Blues
Concert in "F" Sharp
Beatnik Sticks
Swinging Shepherd Blues
The Last Mile
Road Runner
Moon Dawg

There were a few singles released on the Gardena label around this time also including a non-LP early two-part rave up called "Shake It Up" that was later re-recorded and released as the b-side of "Kicks." Many people have never heard the original versions. My ears tell me that Mike "Smitty" Smith is on drums by this time.
In 1963, the band's manager Roger Hart released this self-titled album on his own Sande Records label. This is the "garage rock" Raiders, stompin' their way through some New Orleans R&B and heavy soul rockers. The quality is distorted and they even added some fake audience to try and cover it up. It's mostly New Orleans R&B and party rockers that show what a great live band Paul Revere & The Raiders had become by this point.

Shake Rattle And Roll
Don't Be Cruel
Linda Lu
So Fine
Blues Stay Away
Work With Me Annie
Mojo Workout
Rinky Dink
Hey Baby
Hard Tonk
Irresistable You

After the Raiders became huge TV stars and Top 10 chart busters, Jerden Records released a cash-in called "In The Beginning" with a song listing that looked suspiciously like the Sande LP. Although the track listing on both LPs are exactly the same, the recordings are COMPLETELY different. The Jerden versions are better quality STUDIO recordings compared to the Sande 'fake live' versions. Recorded around the same time, it's interesting to compare the two. A few years later, the budget label Pickwick Records put out a version of the Jerden LP with a psychedelic cover and in fake stereo. Confused yet?
IN THE BEGINNING (Jerden Records Mono LP)


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