Saturday, July 3, 2010


By special request (Dean, are you sure you really want to hear this?), here's Peter Tork's "Higher And Higher" single from 1981 with a new version of "(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone" on the flip side.


  1. Right on! Thanks Jim, time will tell if I actually want to hear this one or not. I'll let you know. It can't be any worse than Mickeys children albums, and it has to be better than the New Monkees.

  2. Okay my verdict is in... I honestly expected much worse after your intro for this one. Any Monkees fan knows Peter was never the strong vocalist, "Let him sing lead on a novelty song" Auntie Grizelda, which I actually happened to think he added something to. I found his vocal sharing with Micky on Words to be fantastic, and I don't think I'd of liked it as well if one of the other guys had done the return parts. Back to the Peter's Back single though. I can't say I hated it, at the same time I can't say I loved it either. Peters vocals are somewhat shaky here, but what what actually ruined it for me were the background singers. I don't get his choice of songs, here's a guy who actually wrote songs while in the Monkees and gave to the others to sing and he picks a Jackie Wilson song, and to redo a Boyce and Hart classic made famous by himself and legendary pals over a decade before. The actual construction of the songs was interesting, and Peter sounds good there, I'm pretty sure the band backing him was one called Cottonmouth. I particularly like his banjo stylings on Higher and Higher. Overall listening to it, and looking at the big picture there were parts of the songs I really liked, those parts overshadowed the aspects I didn't. Hearing it assures me that there was great potential for a better single, and potential for an entire albums worth of material.. in some parallel music world. At any rate, I thought it was worth a listen, maybe a few, I've got an idea it will be one that grows on me. Thanks for the up Jim, keep on rocking loud!