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Exclusive lost recorded artifacts (unearthed from my closet) proving Rollermania was a reality and going strong in the U.S. even by Christmas 1977 as the band soldiered on as a four piece lineup (Woody, Eric, Leslie and Derek) after two failed attempts to replace original Roller Alan.

In 1977, the latest album was “It’s A Game” (actually by this time Arista had snuck out the "Greatest Hits" collection) and the BCR were in Boston to do a Christmas show and also to receive gold record awards for “It’s A Game” which sold quickly thanks to a pair of big U.S. radio hits, “You Made Me Believe In Magic” and “The Way I Feel Tonight.” Both songs were completely unthreatening to young radio listeners but they were completely alienating to any rocker who was ever a smidgeon into the Rollers. 1977 was the year the BCR underwent a bit of an image change visually, with Eric performing in short jean shorts and they had longer hair and earrings and sometimes NO PLAID!

The Bay City Rollers closed the show at WRKO’s Christmas Concert at the Gardens in Boston on December 17th performing with James Montgomery Band, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Shaun Cassidy and Andy Gibb!!! Now THAT’S a lineup!

Technical issues with Eric Faulkner’s guitar delay the opening song (they leave the stage until it’s remedied which is soon followed by “We Want The Rollers!” crowd chants and more confusion) and the fans shriek constantly just like they were supposed to. Their playing here is a bit rough (and the music comes off a bit empty without the extra rhythm guitarist) but they shine on the "It's A Game" material with Faulkner’s lead guitar talents displayed on “Love Fever” and his cover of Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel.”

I love the little break in the cassette when you actually hear the band Boston for a few seconds! The gold record presentation at the end is very chaotic. The fans are tireless and scream for the Rollers at the very end of the night and that’s after watching Shaun and Andy too!

WRKO Third Annual Christmas Concert
BOSTON, MA December 17, 1977
Wouldn’t You Like It
It’s A Game
Yesterday’s Hero
Rock & Roll Love Letter
Love Fever
Don’t Stop The Music
You’re A Woman
Rebel Rebel
I Only Want To Be With You
You Made Me Believe In Magic
Money Honey
Saturday Night
Note: During my time spent recording at Cherokee Studios, I was once taken upstairs to look at all the gold records they had that weren’t being displayed on the walls of the studio's main lobby and hallway. There was an “It’s A Game” award leaning against the wall and the Robb Brothers had lots of stories about the band recording some of the album there.

The second rare performance is from a broadcast on Japanese radio. Again it’s the four piece lineup and it’s short but sounds OK with lots of Eric Faulkner’s guitar coming through and the vocals sound good too, but there’s not much drums or bass in the mix.

The Bay City Rollers were HUGE in Japan and the mania there rivaled any other stricken country. Listen as the fans sing along to every word. The Japanese fans actually remained true to the band years after everyone else tried to forget. Following the songs, a Japanese DJ speaks of the Rollers and names the songs.
At the very end of this tape was a really nice sounding “Money Honey” from Midnight Special 1977 and a special bonus version of “Dance Dance Dance” covered by a Japanese girl band!

Tokyo Japan
Soundboard Radio Broadcast September 21, 1977
Yesterday’s Hero
I Only Want To Be With You
Dance Dance Dance
Don’t Let The Music Die
You Made Me Believe In Magic
Saturday Night
Bonus: Money Honey (Midnight Special) & Dance Dance Dance (cover version)

Note: These transfers are from old cassette tapes that I traded with BCR fans years ago and they’ve never been available anywhere else. What you hear is what you get, audio snapshots of the Rollers whirlwind history.


  1. Man when you were doing that tape trade stuff with BCR fans you got loads of mail from all over. Do people even send proper letters anymore? Hell I even remember one of their names...Cheri Sexton I think it was. I know she was listed on the demo thang you and Marcus made just prior to moving to LA. Now that's something I wouldn't mind seeing up here. Classic Willunca!

  2. Hi Jim! Hannes from Iceland here. We may have traded a BCR tape or two ;-) Thanks for sharing this with us. All the best!

  3. Hey Jim,
    If you have the time please contact me at
    Could use your help with a little something...

  4. Interesting note: the showdog I co-own was named after "You Made Me Believe In Magic." Even in the AKC, the Bay City Rollers have left their mark. :p

  5. You've got Rollers recording stories??? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???????----You have my email!! DO TELL!!!!!

  6. These are incredible, thank you so much! BCR bootlegs are so hard to come by and aren't openly traded like other bands' stuff is among fan communities. There are two other Japan recordings ('76 and '78) and apparently a German one ('79) floating around but are just impossible to get hold of. Got loads of Abba and loads of Fleetwood Mac and a bit of Blondie, but BCR? I got nada. Well except these two now, so thank you again!

  7. Megaupload links could you please re-up thek and i would be eternally grateful cos im a massive fan,
    Thank You

    Steven Holt

  8. Just stumbled on it, on a Rollers tear - THANKS FOR THESE! Amazing.

    I rather liked the four-piece, as evidenced on the Rollerworld live album - against the arena full of shrieking hysterical teenagers, it makes them somewhat frail, more human ... and they do a good job! They were much tighter as a band than people realize.

    I often wonder who is sitting on live concert video from these guys - I have seen clips from Budokan, etc. but never full shows!

    I just realized that they had something of a stage production for the It's a Game tour, with backdrops, chess pieces, etc. Cool!

    Thanks again!

  9. Jim, I cannot tell you how pleased I was to come across this blog of yours. I was recently fortunate enough to acquire the Bay City Rollers RIAA Gold Record Award for It's A Game that was awarded to Cherokee Studios. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw it for sale on eBay. It seemed to have all the marks of authenticity except for one thing that troubled me - I thought the BCR recorded "It's A Game" at Gothenburg, Sweden. I needed to find out if they did in fact record it at Cherokee as well. Your blog confirms the authenticity of this award superbly. Thank you so much!

  10. Hi Barbara
    I was the guy who was at the Boston show. At the garden and I. recorded it myself I was. 12 at. The time. My mom took me and my sister it was awesome I still have the tape cassette now. on cd thanx for transfer.I still like em sll these. Yrs later Hope they come . Bsck to Boston nxt yr. Contact me