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THE WOMAN WE LOVE: Peggy Lee Vinyl Bonanza

Sea Shells
Decca 1958 -- all songs recorded 2/7/55 or 3/31/55
Released on the Decca label in 1958, the music on this very special Peggy Lee album was recorded over three years before that in 1955. This LP is a unique artistic statement full of fascinating harp and harpsichord music with beautiful melodies (and poems) sung and narrated (and sometimes written) by Peggy. It’s no wonder the record label didn’t know what to do with it at first but luckily they eventually released it for us to hear. I found a flawless Japanese mono pressing that I’ll start off this Peggy Lee bonanza with.
Sea Fever
Nine Thorny Thickets
Little Old Car
Greensleeves (Stella Castellucci, Harpist)
Chinese Love Poems: The Fisherman, Autumn Evening
The Happy Monks (Stella Castellucci, Harpist)
The White Brick and the Sycamore
Of Such Is the Kingdom of God
A Brown Bird Singing
I Don't Want to Play In Your Yard
The Maid With The Flaxen Hair (Stella Castellucci, Harpist) The Wearing of the Green
Chaconde (Stella Castellucci, Harpist)
Chinese Love Poems: Going Rowing, Like the Moon, The Musicians
The Riddle Song
The Gold Wedding Ring

The Man I Love
Capitol 1957--arr. Nelson Riddle, cond. Frank Sinatra

“The Man I Love” is Peggy’s 1957 collaboration with Frank Sinatra who conducts, and Nelson Riddle who arranges. This album is BEAUTIFUL and features some of Peggy’s best vocal work. When you’re working with “The Voice” I guess you HAVE to deliver. According to George Jacobs’ revealing F.S. bio, Frank would sometimes go to Peggy as a last resort(!) when he was looking for some hot action on those lonely Hollywood nights. This album spotlights her breathtaking vocal quality surrounded by lush orchestrations.
The Man I Love
Please Be Kind
Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe
Just One Way to Say I Love You
That's All
Something Wonderful
He's My Guy
Then I'll Be Tired of You
My Heart Stood Still
If I Should Lose You
There Is No Greater Love
The Folks who Live on the Hill

Jump for Joy
Capitol 1959--arr./cond. Nelson Riddle

“Jump For Joy” is a joyful collection of rhythmic happiness featuring arrangements of swinging songs by Nelson Riddle from 1959. If you can’t bop with me to this one, somebody will…
Jump for Joy
Back in Your Own Back Yard
When My Sugar Walks Down the Street
I Hear Music
Just in Time
Old Devil Moon
What a Little Moonlight Can Do
Four or Five Times
Music, Music, Music
Cheek to Cheek
The Glory of Love
Ain't We Got Fun

Beauty and the Beat
Capitol 1959--"Live" with George Shearing

Here’s a really great first pressing MONO Capitol LP featuring Peggy singing with George Shearing on piano recorded “live” in Miami at a DJ convention.
Do I Love You?
I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City
If Dreams Come True
All Too Soon
Mambo In Miami (George Shearing, Piano)
Isn't It Romantic (George Shearing, Piano)
Blue Prelude
You Came a Long Way from St. Louis
Always True to You In My Fashion
There'll Be Another Spring
Get Out of Town
Satin Doll (George Shearing, Piano)

A&M Records 1975--arr./cond. by Johnny Mandel
On the opening track, Peggy actually has the balls to sing lyrics about getting her teeth out of the jar and taking her wig from the drawer because she's ready for her comeback. 1975's “Mirrors” featured all new songs by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, they of ‘greatest songwriters of all-time’ fame. “Mirrors” is a return to form for Peggy and for Leiber & Stoller who managed to do their best “Lil’ Beethoven” for this stellar album.
Ready to Begin Again (Manya's Song)
Some Cats Know
I've Got Them Feeling Too Good Today Blues
A Little White Ship
Professor Hauptmann's Performing Dogs
The Case of M.J.
I Remember
Say It
Longings for a Simpler Time

All songs by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

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  1. I don't know a whole bunch of her music, just a few songs here and there. My mom was into her. I just gotta say that Peggy Lee has a hell of a set of pipes for one... she can really wail. Not to mention she is quite easy on the eyes. I'm gonna have to check this stuff out for sure.