Friday, September 17, 2010

ALL NEW Jack Nitzsche Vinyl MIX #2 Sept. 2010

THANKS TO EVERYONE who checked out my first MEGA MIX of Nitzsche vinyl earlier this year. You inspired me to dig out my records again and even find some things I overlooked the first time. I have lots of Jack stuff on CD too but we'll keep with the vinyl theme for now. What an inspirational musician, that's what my ears tell me.

And as a special's a white label promo LP in MONO by Jack called "Chopin '66" on Reprise Records.


  1. Jack's Chopin album I think is one of my top faves ever. i like Chopin in the first place, but Jack's pop sense really works well with the composed music.

  2. God almighty, so fabulous to hear it from mono wax, I can't thank you enough.