Wednesday, September 8, 2010

KILLER QUEEN Underground Vinyl Treasures

Rare favorites hand selected from my personal Queen archives...

Original TAKRL Vinyl 70’s Underground LP
This rarity showed up on the market in 1975, giving it the distinction of being the first Queen "import" ever released. The sound is a pretty good stereo recording albeit a little tinny and a bit squealy (and there is some LP static due to cheaply pressed faulty vinyl during Brian’s guitar solo on “Son And Daughter”). But you’ll thrill to classic versions of “Ogre Battle” and “Modern Times Rock & Roll” with Freddie & Roger’s dueling lead vocals. Heavy music played by a very dangerous rock and roll band at the top of their game in 1974. Strangely, the last track of side two is inexplicably Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz” but I left it on because that’s how it originally came out.
Bonus Rarities
Freddie Mercury with MJ "Never Released"
*If there is a heaven, Freddie & Michael are recording a new album as I write...
Radio Ga-Ga (12" Single Instrumental...crank up your woofers!)

ULTRA RARE BONUS for QUEEN 'Super Fans' Only:
October 18, 2002 Hollywood Boulevard field recording from my mini-disc recorder watching Brian May & Roger Taylor receive a star for QUEEN on the Hollywood Walk of Fame



Classic vinyl release capturing This LP was recorded March 14, 1977 at Seattle Arena and the cover insert declares this “The Last Night of the ’77 U.S. Tour.” This decent quality recording features a jaw-dropping 11 and 1/2 minute version of "Brighton Rock" and a blistering "White Man" straight into "The Prophet's Song." My biggest regret is never getting to see this band perform live.
Bonus Rarities
A Human Body (1980 b-side rarely heard Roger vocal gem)
Soul Brother (1981 b-side soulful Queen full of song title references)
STAR FLEET 12" 3 song EP (Brian May with Eddie Van Halen and others recorded in April 1983)

Around the turn of the century, Marcus and I ran into Brian May by Mann's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard and we HAD TO say hello. We told him we were playing music with Henry and he quickly told us that his son was a big Rollins fan. He turned and yelled over to his son who was checking out the celebrity autographs and footprints, “Jimmy, come meet the Rollins Band!” and we couldn’t believe what was happening. He was ultra nice and told us he loves to come to Hollywood for sight seeing. As I recall, it was quite a happy evening.


  1. Thanks heaps for these and the other vinyl bootlegs on here as well. If possible could you please upload any more vinyl bootlegs you have.Thanks heaps.

  2. Great blog! About the "Sheetkeeckers" LP: the Sweet-song is there simply because the makers of this bootleg loved that song...

    Long live Queen! Long live Sparks!