Thursday, September 30, 2010


You can call me late to the STEPPENWOLF scene. But look out because I'm catching up fast. This LP will rip your head off. Released on the Dunhill label in 1970, this is an amazing five-piece band at the height of their powers with guitarist Larry Byrom writing strong material and new bassist George Biondo singing alongside of John Kay with conviction and ease. Drummer Jerry Edmonton gives heavy metal thunder a whole new meaning by stomping on his bass drum. Fans of Three Dog Night will hear similarities in this album thanks to the powerful production of Richard Podolor and engineer Bill Cooper.


  1. A MUST HAVE for any music fan of 1970 music. Their best album no doubt, highlights include the opening "Ball Crusher" the hits "Who Needs Ya' and "Snowblind Frind" but really theres not a clunker on this record.

  2. hello,
    it is possible for you to reupload this album please?
    thanks in advance.