Thursday, September 30, 2010


OK, you’ve got the mono box (which was never really limited edition after all), the stereo remasters (in which the click on “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)" kept you up a whole night thinking about it) and don't forget those U.S. versions Capitol boxes along with all three of the “Anthology” sets and even “Let It Be…Naked” which you NEVER play. That covers it all, right? What else could be missing?

Well, only one of my ALL-TIME favorite Beatle albums!! “Yesterday And Today” was a hodge-podge of stray 1965-1966 songs that was introduced to the LP market in the U.S. by Capitol Records just before Parlophone Records in the UK released the 14-song strong “Revolver” album (as the Beatles intended it to be). Not only was America treated to the “Butcher Cover” sleeve for a few weeks, the “Yesterday And Today” album was filled with overlooked treats from the UK versions of “Help!” and “Rubber Soul” like “Yesterday,” “Drive My Car,” “If I Needed Someone,” mixed up with non-LP hit singles like “Day Tripper” and “We Can Work It Out.”

American Beatle fans got to hear three amazing John Lennon lead vocals that later showed up on the UK “Revolver” album (“I’m Only Sleeping,” “Doctor Robert” and the masterful “And Your Bird Can Sing”) and Ringo is at his best delivering two country & western flavored charmers covering top act Buck Owens’ “Act Naturally” along with a song co-written with John and Paul, “What Goes On.”

GREAT ALBUM! And so far, “Yesterday And Today” has never been officially released on CD.



A few months later, “Revolver” is released in the UK with 14 tracks including the three Lennon songs that I just mentioned. Capitol Records, who had already issued abridged LPs with “Help!” and “Rubber Soul,” had no problem QUICKLY releasing the U.S. version of “Revolver” late that summer featuring ONLY the 11 remaining songs!! Here in the U.S., this was accepted as “REVOLVER” although it was only “Revolver” to anyone who knew the real story. And to those who didn’t know thought the UK version was WEIRD when they heard it.

Anyway, 11 AMAZING songs with an AMAZING cover is just as good as 14 AMAZING songs with an AMAZING cover. “Revolver” is a masterpiece and the shortened U.S. version brings back incredible memories in the 20 plus minutes it takes to play it.



My first copy of “Yesterday And Today” was bought at a flea market for a dollar and was an original mono but a bit scratchy. No skips though. And not a “Butcher” cover although I do have a very nice one now, thank you very much. I treasured that first copy though and marveled at their hair and clothes on that front trunk shot. I thought it was just as good as “Abbey Road” or “London Town,” which was Paul’s latest and my absolute favorite at the time.

My first copy of “Revolver” was an Apple label reissue bought new in a department store called “Gaylords” in Newark, Delaware. At the time, I thought John’s two songs out of the eleven (“She Said, She Said” and “Tomorrow Never Knows”) were so good that he must’ve just let the other guys split up the other nine out of pity.

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