Thursday, October 14, 2010

FRANK SINATRA Ol' Blues Eyes Is Back

F.S. took a little breather but you knew it wasn’t gonna be forever. The blue-eyed bachelor’s brief retirement was sucker punched by a comeback album in 1973 that showed Frank still had the goods and it was time to deliver.

Sure, it’s a more "contemporary" sound but it's a superb production by Don Costa, who also arranges three of the songs. Gordon Jenkins returns to work for the Chairman by conducting the orchestra and supplying some worthy arrangements also.

A classy gatefold cover shows pictures of a content Frank in the studio and a bonus large color photo was an extra free gift found in the sleeve. It was a very tan year.

OK, so you already have “Songs For Swinging Lovers,” “Where Are You?,” and “September Of My Years.” But don’t overlook this gem for your LP rack, whether you fork over a couple of bucks for a clean one at Amoeba or check your thrift store and lay that dollar down. It might not be his best moment but it sure isn't embarrassing and it surely lacks any has-been moments. Sometimes success brings bad reviews so don't believe anyone without listening for yourself. THE VOICE is strong and experienced and this album is a monster. It ages like the man himself did-classy and believable.

I had the pleasure of just opening a sealed copy of this LP and I recorded the very first play of this almost 40 year old piece of untouched vinyl!

Let's be Frank.......

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