Sunday, October 17, 2010


There it was, pictured on the back cover of all my early Beatles albums that were released on Capitol Records. “The Beatles Song Book-Romantic Instrumentals by the Hollyridge Strings” was listed right along side “Meet The Beatles,” “Something New,” and “The Beatles Story” on the back covers of the Capitol albums. By the time I was collecting Beatles albums though, these Hollyridge albums were long out-of-print.

Now I always thought that the producer and arranger of these albums was Stu Phillips, the country music pianist who had his own Nashville TV show that my parents watched and was kind of 'square' and boring instrumental easy listening. But it turns out that the Stu Phillips involved here is a completely different musician from Hollywood known for his movie and TV work (he did incidental music for the Monkees, Six Million Dollar Man and many more). It turns out he’s waaaaaay cooler than the Stu Phillips from Nashville!!

Here’s the first volume of “The Beatles Song Book” in stereo and it’s a super clean LP copy. Pretty groovy sounds and not too schmaltzy, I thought you might enjoy the Hollyridge Strings performing “Instrumental Versions of big Beatles Hits.”

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