Monday, October 11, 2010


STEPPENWOLF-For Ladies Only 1971 Dunhill Records
Produced by Richard Podolor, here's another rockin' platter from THE WOLF released in 1971. The album has a strange political 'feminism' concept (with credit given to drummer Jerry Edmonton) but the playing is as solid as heavy metal thunder and the music has all of the band's classic bite. Highlights for me include "Tenderness" (written by Mars Bonfire who was also Jerry Edmonton's brother) and also "I'm Asking" and "Ride With Me" which both recall "Born To Be Wild." Like the "Steppenwolf 7" album, some of the lead vocals are done by bassist George Biondo who is a wailing tenor. I prefer John Kay's lead vocals but Biondo is good, even though he gives the group a more generic sound. There are NO HITS and Steppenwolf broke up for a few years after this album was released.
STEPPENWOLF-Steppenwolf 1968 Dunhill Records
The classic debut album released at the beginning of 1968 (the summer of love was officially over) and produced by the legendary Gabriel Mekler. This is an ABC Dunhill re-issue LP but it sounds pretty good. Of course it has "Born To Be Wild," "Sookie Sookie" and "The Pusher" (written by Hoyt Axton) but it also includes "Desperation" (covered by Humble Pie on their debut album) and some other good heavy blues and uptempo rockers too.

This is the apartment, garage and house on Fountain Avenue where Gabriel Mekler and John Kay lived and the band rehearsed during the making of the first Steppenwolf album.


  1. Do you have the original 45rpm version of For Ladies Only? The edit that was released on cd is not the same as the original single. I haven't heard it in decades...

  2. Believe it or not.. I did not have that first album... I dunno why. Never even heard of For Ladies Only... kinda like you, I always liked these guys, but I never dug to deep. But I'm seeing what the fuss was all about!

  3. FOR LADIES ONLY is one of my favorites, probably second place under STEPPENWOLF 7

    Great songs, plays good as an entire album listen, broader in scope musically, especially the opening 10 minute version of the title track which at times borders on improv jazz.

    Another great listen is REST IN PEACE which is only avail on vinyl and came out after 16 GREATEST HITS and the band furfilled their contract with this "NON-hits" compilation.