Monday, October 18, 2010

THE TURTLES Present The Battle Of The Bands 1968


Released in late 1968, this gem is produced by the man who masterminded The Monkees “Headquarters” album. Imagine what he can do with a real band!! No offense, Monkees. But I did just see the “Happy Together” tour and Flo & Eddie never fail to get a crowd going and I can’t say the same for Micky D. who plays a lot of acoustic and too many Davy Jones songs. Where’s “Goin’ Down”? Flo & Eddie could do it.

This album is purposely musically varied with the concept being each of the songs are supposed to be performed by a different style band. There’s a little surf music, some bluegrass country, hard rock and some very passable Brit-psychedelic pop. “The Last Thing I Remember” sounds like it could be The Move with Jeff Lynne and he hadn’t even joined that band yet!

Recorded at Gold Star in Hollywood, Howard, Mark, Al, Jim and Johnny (his final album with the Turtles) show their versatile talents with a great version of McGuinn/Clark’s “You Showed Me,” a true bluegrass version of “Chicken Little Was Right” (the alternate recording is on the b-side of the “She’s My Girl” 45) and Nilsson’s upbeat “The Battle Of The Bands.” The group even manage to get one of the biggest hits of their career with “Elenore.”. I really think it’s groovy.

Original White Whale LP:

Here's a 2nd pressing of this White Whale album that's cleaner than Paul's grandfather:

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