Monday, January 31, 2011


Twist And Shout b/w Spanish Twist
Wand #124 Released 1962
The FINAL 45 post for January--an original copy of The Isley Brothers 1962 classic. Phil Spector produced a version of "Twist And Shout" for the Top Notes BEFORE the Isley Brothers had a hit with this version, produced by co-writer Bert Berns. And of course the Beatles recorded a sweltering rendition soon after.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

ALL 45 MIX #2 January 2011
There were just TOO MANY great 45s that I pulled from my collection to share this month, so I decided to do a whole VINYL SHELF style mix of some of these GREAT singles. Mostly a-sides but some b-sides too and a few I couldn't help but play BOTH sides (like Stevie Wright's from the Easybeats great "Evie" 45--you will hear all three parts!). PLUS, unique mono mixes by Cream (both sides) and MC5 (including a rare solo Rob Tyner) and much more.
THANKS to everyone for a fun January full of 45 RPM vinyl, the ultimate media.
Bonus ALL 45 Mix January 2011 PLAY LOUD

Saturday, January 29, 2011

2 Original DAVID CASSIDY Bell 45s

Cherish b/w All I Wanna Do Is Touch You
Bell #45-150 Released 1972

Rock Me Baby b/w Two Time Loser
Bell #45-260 Released 1972

Everybody knows I am a fan of some slightly embarrassing pop music. OK, we can take out the slightly bit. Hell, I admit to liking Rick Springfield, Culture Club, and if you read my blog I’m sure you’re aware of my fascination with the Bay City Rollers. I’ll take the credit for hanging up a color pinup of Eric Faulkner on the Rollins Band tour bus (and it stayed there for weeks! I was the one who eventually took it down!).

“Rock Me Baby” reminds me of an early Rollins Band tour when we were in Germany and I found a DVD compilation called “Glam Rock” with Slade, Sweet, Bowie, etc. It was an early afternoon and most of the guys were still in bed on the tour bus when I went to the downstairs lounge to check out my DVD purchase on the tour bus television. OF COURSE, right when David Cassidy comes on with his rooster hair, tight white pants, silver platform boots, playing guitar and singing “Rock Me Baby,” Henry Rollins walks in the room and stares at the TV for a second. I tried to play it cool by saying “I just bought a ‘Glam Rock’ DVD” but that was no excuse. Later that night while the band is waiting backstage to do the gig, Rollins says with a serious face, “I come downstairs this morning and Jim’s watching Keith Partridge!” Yes, it took a while to live that one down.

But man, Keith-I mean David, is a great vocalist and one of the best teen idols ever. I’m a huge fan of the Partridge Family TV show and my copy of the “Shopping Bag” LP has the shopping bag in it. Any doubters should check out David’s RCA period when he convincingly shows his musical talents.

“Cherish” is a nice cover version of the Association hit and I remember having this 45 as a little kid. Mike Melvoin arranged the strings and horns (he is Wendy Melvoin’s father, of Wendy & Lisa/Prince fame) and Cassidy’s voice is perfect for the track. The b-side is very Partridge.

Later that same year, DC released “Rock Me Baby” which doesn’t really rock as much as he thought it did but it’s pretty good if you can’t see the silver platform boots. And the b-side (an original Cassidy composition) “Two Time Loser” is a piano ballad that takes itself pretty seriously.

Friday, January 28, 2011

If it's Friday, it must be THE VINYL SHELF!

Two brand-new episodes PACKED with goodies. The first episode has everything from FRANK to HANK, from FARON to LEON, and EARTHA to KRAFTWERK. Plus uber rare GLEN CAMPBELL doing a duet with OSCAR THE GROUCH! A must...
BONUS episode finds the Pipe conspicuously absent but that leaves more time for GREAT TUNES including a 1973 interview radio broadcast featuring PAUL McCARTNEY and WINGS with KENNY EVERETT (and cool MONO Wings 45s as well), a tribute to GERRY RAFFERTY, PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS Armed Forces radio show (Part 2) and KING CURTIS' awesome version of "Whole Lotta Love"...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

2 different STAR WARS 45s

The London Symphony Orchestra
Star Wars Main Title b/w Cantina Band
20th Century Records #TC-2345 Released 1977

Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band b/w Funk
Millenium Records #MN 604 Released 1977

The movie was so huge that the London Symphony Orchestra’s theme is released as a single!! John Williams…undeniable.

But MECO gets things moving with ‘four on the floor’ beats, exciting sound effects and they even throw in a bit of “Cantina Band” right in the middle with some guitars. There was no way DISCO wasn’t going to get its hands on “Star Wars,” not in 1977.

Jon Bon Jovi’s second cousin Tony Bongiovi is somewhat responsible for this single and the Meco albums. The b-side is called “Funk” but it’s not really.

And check out the sleeves! Since the DeFranco days, 20th Century Records moved west to 8544 Sunset and Meco’s label Millenium (part of Casablanca Records) was now at 8255 Sunset, the THIRD single I’ve posted this month that has that address and it’s on THREE DIFFERENT LABELS in a relatively short period of time.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Valleri b/w Tapioca Tundra
Colgems #66-1019 Released 1968

I had this single planned to post and as I went to write some crap about how cool Davy Jones is, I found out that Don Kirshner died yesterday. The AOL headline says “Monkees Creator Don Kirshner Dies” which I’m sure pisses Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider off but I guess the classic MUSIC that the Monkees, or whoever, made is still remembered more than the actual TV show itself (although I’ve recently heard rumors of re-runs coming back to L.A. soon).

Anyway, here’s to you Don for believing in Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart and it certainly would’ve been interesting if he didn’t get fired and had the chance to supervise the “Head” soundtrack (although it probably would NEVER have happened at all if Don was still there) or later Monkees recordings. But then we would’ve never got “Sugar Sugar”! Come to think of it, Micky Dolenz would’ve sang the shit out of “Sugar Sugar.”

Although “Valleri” is a Boyce & Hart tune, the songwriting team AND Kirshner were gone from the Monkee camp by the time this single was released in early 1968. The version used on the television show was the original Boyce & Hart production and it’s better than the single which features the credit “Producers: The Monkees.” But the song is so good it could’ve been a hit with ANY production, and it’s interesting to note the single version used a lot of the same session players to at least get as close as possible to Boyce & Hart’s original TV version.

This single was the Monkees’ last Top 10 hit.

The b-side is a Mike Nesmith song that’s kind of a trippy and psychedelic variation of “Papa Gene’s Blues” but comes nowhere close to Lennon and the Beatles, the obvious influence (at least musically speaking).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

THE MOVE Fire Brigade UK 45 Original REGAL ZONOPHONE

Fire Brigade b/w Walk Upon The Water
Regal Zonophone #RZ 3005 Released 1968

What am I supposed to say about this single or The Move? Another boring rant about how Roy Wood is a genius and how there’s no justice in music? And how ridiculous it is that we weren’t exposed to The Move on American F.M. radio? I’m not gonna do it…

Monday, January 24, 2011

2 Original NEIL DIAMOND 45s (Bang & UNI)

Solitary Man b/w Do It
Bang # B-519 Released 1966

Neil Diamond 7” singles were a staple growing up in the Wilson house. My parents bought tons of 45s (mostly country) and it was always a treat going to the record shop even if it was the small department at Sears. My Mom would always buy me a 45 or two and in the early days she was obviously responsible for my tastes and I always had the latest Grass Roots, Three Dog Night or Neil Diamond single. I’ve been a Neil fan as long as I can remember. Anyone in Neil D. denial is wrong and is missing out on some great music.

Neil started out on the Bang label and worked with the great team of Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich (four words…Da Doo Ron Ron). Both songs here are product of a man who knows how to write a song. One of his best singles.
I Am…I Said b/w Done Too Soon
UNI #55278 Released 1971

Those bright yellow 45s hosted many a great tune from Neil to Elton to Desmond Dekker. UNI Records is awesome. Another double whammy from our Neil, “I Am…I Said” is g-d genius and “Done Too Soon” is beyond clever, lyrically and musically. One of his best singles too.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Levon b/w Goodbye
UNI #55314 Released 1971

It’s not even one of my favorite EJ songs but it’s totally brilliant, especially this cool mono version. Maybe it's just a bit overplayed for me (to be honest, I sometimes feel the same way about “Tiny Dancer”), but whenever I hear this ode to Alvin Tostig's son, I realize it’s a master production by two incredibly great songwriters.

And check out the UNI Records sleeve--there’s that 8255 Sunset Boulevard address again!! That was one hot building back in the day.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday RAIDERS 45 Party!

Columbia 4-43375 Released 1965
Columbia 4-43461 Released 1965
Columbia 4-43556 Released 1966
Columbia 4-44018 Released 1967
Columbia 4-45601 Released 1972 (as RAIDERS)

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Episode of THE VINYL SHELF!

Join us this week as we go LIVE to a GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION party via a rare DJ only Warner Brothers 45, plus hard to find classics from ALEXIS KORNER (featuring KEITH RICHARDS), CHEAP TRICK (the ultra rare soundtrack song "Get Ready"), TERRY MELCHER, solo BOBBY HART and THOMAS DOLBY is the special guest on "Live Cuts."
Also, GREAT MUSIC from THE BEATLES, THE KINKS, PAUL SIMON, R.E.M. and a cool DIANA ROSS 12" Remix with Ashford & Simpson!
ANYTHING GOES as long as it's from VINYL........
Photo: Wonderland Records at the end of Main Street in Newark, DE...I spent countless hours there as a kid.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

THE OSMONDS Hold Her Tight MGM 45

Hold Her Tight b/w Love Is
MGM #K 14405 Released 1972
In a perfect world, the Osmond Brothers would be a cool, hard rockin' group of brothers who proved themselves musically throughout their career. THIS IS NOT A PERFECT WORLD.
But, in their defense, at the height of their teendom they did manage to release a few solid ROCK singles (and the label states it proudly, "Written, Sung & Played by The Osmonds") with Merrill's voice in the spotlight. Of course "Crazy Horses" is an example but there's also "Down By The Lazy River," "Goin' Home" and this 1972 stomper.

Dig this, the b-side is impressive too.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CHEAP TRICK Everything Works If You Let It EPIC 45

Everything Works If You Let It b/w Way Of The World
EPIC 45 #9-50887 Released 1980

Funnily enough, Epic Records GAVE AWAY this promo 45 in the "Found All The Parts" 10 inch record so real Cheap Trick fans probably didn't buy many copies of this stock version, especially with the oldie but truly goldie "Way Of The World" on the flip. But man, what a sound...Cheap Trick with GEORGE MARTIN and engineer GEOFF EMERICK! Wow...........................................

Just a few days ago, I went to Poquito Mas (Mexican food) on Sunset and I recognized Tom Petersson from behind as he was getting salsa from the salsa bar. He sat down to eat his tacos by himself and I couldn't bring myself to say hi (although I've met him a few times before-Rollins Band played with Cheap Trick and when I played in Wayne Kramer's band we opened for CT once too) basically because I'm in awe of the guy and he's one of the best bassists ever, not too mention one of the coolest rock stars ever. AND he likes Poquito Mas!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

THE DeFRANCO FAMILY Heartbeat-It's A Lovebeat 45

THE DeFRANCO FAMILY featuring Tony DeFranco
Heartbeat-It’s A Lovebeat b/w Sweet, Sweet Loretta
20th Century Records #TC 2030 Released 1973

They were Tiger Beat Magazine’s answer to the J5 and the Osmonds. An Italian-American Canadian family of brothers and sisters with little Tony as the Beaver.

I can remember distinctly every face in the bunch and when my sister bought this 45 she brought the DeFrancos into our household and into our lives forever. It’s a pretty ambitious teen pop tune with an eerie breakdown and some tom-tom magic on the drums courtesy of Hal Blaine. The verses are dark and in minor keys and then the breakthrough chorus is infectious and sunshine soaked.
I love that the label, 20th Century Records, made their home in a building at 8255 Sunset Boulevard just up the street from where I live. But in just a few years after this single, the label no longer existed and sadly, neither did the DeFrancos. Short-lived is too long a word to describe their arrival and departure from the teen idol world.

Musically more Osmonds than Jacksons, however, the b-side here is a knockoff of “Little Bitty Pretty One” which was a chart smash for Michael and his brothers just prior to this release. Upon relistening, I will say that Tony sounds pretty good! It's always a nice bonus when one of these 'idols' actually has some talent.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I’m In You b/w St. Thomas (You Know How I Feel)
A&M #AM 1941 Released 1977

This hugely influential single spawned many an ‘answer’ song like Frank Zappa’s “I Have Been In You.” Then, Liz Cleavage and the Butterscotch Sandwich took “Am I In You Yet?” to the top of the charts in the ‘80s and The Cheaters new wave single “Who’s In You?” was a favorite in 1994. And who can forget “I Can’t Get In You” by Johnny & The Wrongholes?

Seriously, I always loved this single. Sure, it would fit awkwardly on “Frampton Comes Alive” and lyrically it’s a bit soppy but it’s a great melody and the piano is nice. By the time the Les Paul comes out for the solo, I’m sold and I’ve already tried on a few nice silk shirts.

Manilow was a reality and even Eric Carmen was all by himself. Paul Stanley would try his hand at the romantic piano ballad with “Hold Me Touch Me” and you soon would never hear the name Peter McCann again.

Frampton survives. He’s in all of us. It’s hard to believe this guy was once ‘in’ Humble Pie.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


You may have heard a cover version of “Gone, Gone, Gone” by Robert Plant and Allison Krauss the last time you were at a Starbuck’s.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Walk On By b/w Hey Miss Ruby
MGM #K 14408 Released 1972
This is a cash-in Conway 45 from the early ‘70s and my copy has a printing error with the “Hey Miss Ruby” label mistakenly on both sides.

But the record itself plays both sides with “Hey Miss Ruby” being an uptempo bopper from 1959 and the “a-side” being “Walk On By” but not the Dionne song, it’s a cover of Leroy Van Dyke’s 1961 country classic that the MGM vault keepers thought might sell a few copies considering CT’s monstrous success with Decca/MCA at the time.

Anyway you look at it, you get a chance to hear Conway’s voice.

Friday, January 14, 2011

THE VINYL SHELF Jamaican REGGAE 45 Special Presentation
A special VINYL SHELF episode dedicated to GREAT Jamaican Reggae 45 singles from the '60s and '70s from The Pipe's collection of rarities. DESMOND DEKKER, BOB MARLEY, LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY, JOE HIGGS, THE MAYTALS, THE HEPTONES and many more. ENJOY!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

CARPENTERS Classic A&M 45s

Hurting Each Other b/w Maybe It’s You
A&M #1322 Released 1971

Already a hit by many versatile artists since the '60s, Karen & Richard Carpenter put their stamp on it and in 1971 the single went to #2 on the Billboard chart. It's reminiscent of the Righteous Brothers “Just Once In My Life,” (and also Burt’s influence is in there) but the voice of Karen with Richard’s dynamic arrangement is pure beautiful Carpenters.

The b-side “Maybe It’s You” was previously found on the “Close To You” album in 1970. Another nice ballad.
I Won’t Last A Day Without You b/w One Love
A&M #1521 Released 1974

Paul Williams and Roger Nichols’ classic “I Won’t Last A Day Without You” found the right home with Richard and Karen Carpenter and resulted in this smash from 1974. This one doesn’t get brought up as much as some of the other Carpenters’ hits (“Close To You,” “We’ve Only Just Begun,” “Rainy Days and Mondays”), but it’s just as melodic and beautiful and even has some nice guitar licks courtesy of the late Tony Peluso (the 3rd Carpenter).

The b-side is a orchestrated love song from the album “Carpenters” written by Richard Carpenter and lyricist John Bettis.

Five star singles!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BEE GEES Stayin' Alive RSO 45

Stayin’ Alive b/w If I Can’t Have You
RSO #RS 885 Released 1977

OK, yesterday was the Robbs and today it’s the Gibbs. Released in December 1977, this single was #1 by February 1978. Man, if YOU were this funky, you’d put on the damn white suit too. You call it disco, I call it a smash hit.

Relentless beat, full of hooks and immaculately produced, I’m going to quote Michael Jackson here and just say “I think Barry Gibb’s a genius.”

The b-side is better known as the version on the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack by Yvonne Elliman, but this is the non-LP Bee Gees version that could’ve been a hit on its own.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CHEROKEE--The Robbs return on ABC 45!

Rosianna b/w All The Way Home
ABC #11295 Released 1971

I’m proud to say that I’ve recorded well over 50 songs at the legendary Cherokee Studios (with Mother Superior, Rollins Band, Pearl, Robert Bradley, George Clinton and more) with one or more of the Robb brothers (Dee, Bruce and Joe) involved by engineering, producing and or just hanging out at the session. Dee was super cool and always had a smile on his face. We will miss you Dee. Last time I saw Dee was at CVS and I was buying booze. I still talk to Bruce here and there and have continued to do sessions with him for films and projects. The history of that studio was incredible and sinfully they tore it down a few years ago. TORE IT DOWN! Nothing remains except the memories and the music that was made.

Before the brothers bought the studio building on Fairfax in 1972 (as an MGM studio, the classic “Flash Gordon” TV show had been filmed there) they were known as The Robbs, hugely successful singing stars showcased on Dick Clark’s “Where The Action Is” TV show with top stars of the day like Paul Revere & The Raiders. The Robbs sang at least one song per episode and were also shown watching the other acts and clapping along.

After stints with Mercury and Atlantic records, they were re-born in 1971 with a country rock sound for this ABC 45 produced by Steve Barri (Grass Roots, Turtles, Johnny Rivers) called “Rosianna” which gets better with each listen (co-written by Terry Cashman of “Talkin’ Baseball” fame).

The b-side is written by David Donaldson (aka Dee Robb) and is called “All The Way Home” and has nice harmonies.