Thursday, January 27, 2011

2 different STAR WARS 45s

The London Symphony Orchestra
Star Wars Main Title b/w Cantina Band
20th Century Records #TC-2345 Released 1977

Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band b/w Funk
Millenium Records #MN 604 Released 1977

The movie was so huge that the London Symphony Orchestra’s theme is released as a single!! John Williams…undeniable.

But MECO gets things moving with ‘four on the floor’ beats, exciting sound effects and they even throw in a bit of “Cantina Band” right in the middle with some guitars. There was no way DISCO wasn’t going to get its hands on “Star Wars,” not in 1977.

Jon Bon Jovi’s second cousin Tony Bongiovi is somewhat responsible for this single and the Meco albums. The b-side is called “Funk” but it’s not really.

And check out the sleeves! Since the DeFranco days, 20th Century Records moved west to 8544 Sunset and Meco’s label Millenium (part of Casablanca Records) was now at 8255 Sunset, the THIRD single I’ve posted this month that has that address and it’s on THREE DIFFERENT LABELS in a relatively short period of time.

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  1. Yessssssssss, I remember going apeshit when ever this game on the radio on Mary Gold's bus on the way to Leasure! Yeah...that's right way old reference...and it puts poopy in the den to shame....Shame!