Saturday, January 29, 2011

2 Original DAVID CASSIDY Bell 45s

Cherish b/w All I Wanna Do Is Touch You
Bell #45-150 Released 1972

Rock Me Baby b/w Two Time Loser
Bell #45-260 Released 1972

Everybody knows I am a fan of some slightly embarrassing pop music. OK, we can take out the slightly bit. Hell, I admit to liking Rick Springfield, Culture Club, and if you read my blog I’m sure you’re aware of my fascination with the Bay City Rollers. I’ll take the credit for hanging up a color pinup of Eric Faulkner on the Rollins Band tour bus (and it stayed there for weeks! I was the one who eventually took it down!).

“Rock Me Baby” reminds me of an early Rollins Band tour when we were in Germany and I found a DVD compilation called “Glam Rock” with Slade, Sweet, Bowie, etc. It was an early afternoon and most of the guys were still in bed on the tour bus when I went to the downstairs lounge to check out my DVD purchase on the tour bus television. OF COURSE, right when David Cassidy comes on with his rooster hair, tight white pants, silver platform boots, playing guitar and singing “Rock Me Baby,” Henry Rollins walks in the room and stares at the TV for a second. I tried to play it cool by saying “I just bought a ‘Glam Rock’ DVD” but that was no excuse. Later that night while the band is waiting backstage to do the gig, Rollins says with a serious face, “I come downstairs this morning and Jim’s watching Keith Partridge!” Yes, it took a while to live that one down.

But man, Keith-I mean David, is a great vocalist and one of the best teen idols ever. I’m a huge fan of the Partridge Family TV show and my copy of the “Shopping Bag” LP has the shopping bag in it. Any doubters should check out David’s RCA period when he convincingly shows his musical talents.

“Cherish” is a nice cover version of the Association hit and I remember having this 45 as a little kid. Mike Melvoin arranged the strings and horns (he is Wendy Melvoin’s father, of Wendy & Lisa/Prince fame) and Cassidy’s voice is perfect for the track. The b-side is very Partridge.

Later that same year, DC released “Rock Me Baby” which doesn’t really rock as much as he thought it did but it’s pretty good if you can’t see the silver platform boots. And the b-side (an original Cassidy composition) “Two Time Loser” is a piano ballad that takes itself pretty seriously.

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