Monday, January 24, 2011

2 Original NEIL DIAMOND 45s (Bang & UNI)

Solitary Man b/w Do It
Bang # B-519 Released 1966

Neil Diamond 7” singles were a staple growing up in the Wilson house. My parents bought tons of 45s (mostly country) and it was always a treat going to the record shop even if it was the small department at Sears. My Mom would always buy me a 45 or two and in the early days she was obviously responsible for my tastes and I always had the latest Grass Roots, Three Dog Night or Neil Diamond single. I’ve been a Neil fan as long as I can remember. Anyone in Neil D. denial is wrong and is missing out on some great music.

Neil started out on the Bang label and worked with the great team of Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich (four words…Da Doo Ron Ron). Both songs here are product of a man who knows how to write a song. One of his best singles.
I Am…I Said b/w Done Too Soon
UNI #55278 Released 1971

Those bright yellow 45s hosted many a great tune from Neil to Elton to Desmond Dekker. UNI Records is awesome. Another double whammy from our Neil, “I Am…I Said” is g-d genius and “Done Too Soon” is beyond clever, lyrically and musically. One of his best singles too.


  1. It took me a long time to get into Neil...which came eventually via the Monkees... I've got everything from Feeling You up to Hot August Night... I have to admit I am not a fan of what we would of called later stuff back when I first met you, or the stuff which followed, a bit too office fare for me. The stuff I do have is gold...solid song writing stuff, I can even appreciate the stuff I don't really care for, for what it is. I can't say what I think of his later 70s stuff as I haven't heard it.

  2. added notage: Just For You and Moods are big big faves... meant to mention now in hindsight I learned everything I needed to know about country music from growing up around your parents... despite the fact that I didn't give a crap at the time nor did they know they were schooling me in both real and good country music.