Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CHEAP TRICK Everything Works If You Let It EPIC 45

Everything Works If You Let It b/w Way Of The World
EPIC 45 #9-50887 Released 1980

Funnily enough, Epic Records GAVE AWAY this promo 45 in the "Found All The Parts" 10 inch record so real Cheap Trick fans probably didn't buy many copies of this stock version, especially with the oldie but truly goldie "Way Of The World" on the flip. But man, what a sound...Cheap Trick with GEORGE MARTIN and engineer GEOFF EMERICK! Wow...........................................

Just a few days ago, I went to Poquito Mas (Mexican food) on Sunset and I recognized Tom Petersson from behind as he was getting salsa from the salsa bar. He sat down to eat his tacos by himself and I couldn't bring myself to say hi (although I've met him a few times before-Rollins Band played with Cheap Trick and when I played in Wayne Kramer's band we opened for CT once too) basically because I'm in awe of the guy and he's one of the best bassists ever, not too mention one of the coolest rock stars ever. AND he likes Poquito Mas!

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  1. Without a doubt Tom is the most personable guy in CT... I met them 3 times myself. I found Robin and Rick to be decent and Bun E to be a bit on the grouchy side. The first time I met them I followed them from their van into the & 11 near Christiana roller rink(lol) and a guy I knew was clerking there...they were in line before me so they got a head start to the door, but by then we were chumming it up. The dude at the register says hi and says...wait.... was that Cheap Trick, and I was like yeah, it was... and he was like WTF are you hanging out with Cheap Trick Hahahahaha Tom was definitely the friendliest though, sadly Todd Hodworth wasn't friendly at all...particularly for a touring member, even after telling him I was a fan of his projects from the past like the stuff he did with Ace