Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CHEROKEE--The Robbs return on ABC 45!

Rosianna b/w All The Way Home
ABC #11295 Released 1971

I’m proud to say that I’ve recorded well over 50 songs at the legendary Cherokee Studios (with Mother Superior, Rollins Band, Pearl, Robert Bradley, George Clinton and more) with one or more of the Robb brothers (Dee, Bruce and Joe) involved by engineering, producing and or just hanging out at the session. Dee was super cool and always had a smile on his face. We will miss you Dee. Last time I saw Dee was at CVS and I was buying booze. I still talk to Bruce here and there and have continued to do sessions with him for films and projects. The history of that studio was incredible and sinfully they tore it down a few years ago. TORE IT DOWN! Nothing remains except the memories and the music that was made.

Before the brothers bought the studio building on Fairfax in 1972 (as an MGM studio, the classic “Flash Gordon” TV show had been filmed there) they were known as The Robbs, hugely successful singing stars showcased on Dick Clark’s “Where The Action Is” TV show with top stars of the day like Paul Revere & The Raiders. The Robbs sang at least one song per episode and were also shown watching the other acts and clapping along.

After stints with Mercury and Atlantic records, they were re-born in 1971 with a country rock sound for this ABC 45 produced by Steve Barri (Grass Roots, Turtles, Johnny Rivers) called “Rosianna” which gets better with each listen (co-written by Terry Cashman of “Talkin’ Baseball” fame).

The b-side is written by David Donaldson (aka Dee Robb) and is called “All The Way Home” and has nice harmonies.



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