Sunday, January 9, 2011


A Must To Avoid b/w The Man With The Cigar
MGM #K-13437 Released 1965

For me, when you talk about the British Invasion, it’s very important not to leave out the Hermits. Keep your tough Yardbirds, your smart Zombies and your precious Animals but save me some Peter Noone. A little lightweight, sure, but isn’t a good tune why we got into music in the first place? The combo of Peter’s voice and a precise pop production by the great Mickie Most makes for a couple dozen classics that no rock collection should be without.

“A Must To Avoid” is a P.F. Sloan masterpiece with an edgy verse about a chick who’s a complete impossibility. Some answer harmony and a couple modulations later, you’ve got the perfect 1965 platter.

The b-side is a frustrated tale of working for the man. Not exactly “Anarchy In The UK” but everyone should be able to relate.

Listen People b/w Got A Feeling
MGM #K-13462 Released 1966

Just a few months after “A Must To Avoid” the Hermits released “Listen People” (written by the master Graham Gouldman) as a single in the U.S. and it charted all the way to #3. I love this one and I’m sure Michael Jackson could sing every word (he was an admitted Noone-atic).

“Got A Feeling” rocks and was featured in the Herman’s Hermits film “Hold On!” (the movie AND the title song were “Help!” knockoffs).

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