Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Valleri b/w Tapioca Tundra
Colgems #66-1019 Released 1968

I had this single planned to post and as I went to write some crap about how cool Davy Jones is, I found out that Don Kirshner died yesterday. The AOL headline says “Monkees Creator Don Kirshner Dies” which I’m sure pisses Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider off but I guess the classic MUSIC that the Monkees, or whoever, made is still remembered more than the actual TV show itself (although I’ve recently heard rumors of re-runs coming back to L.A. soon).

Anyway, here’s to you Don for believing in Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart and it certainly would’ve been interesting if he didn’t get fired and had the chance to supervise the “Head” soundtrack (although it probably would NEVER have happened at all if Don was still there) or later Monkees recordings. But then we would’ve never got “Sugar Sugar”! Come to think of it, Micky Dolenz would’ve sang the shit out of “Sugar Sugar.”

Although “Valleri” is a Boyce & Hart tune, the songwriting team AND Kirshner were gone from the Monkee camp by the time this single was released in early 1968. The version used on the television show was the original Boyce & Hart production and it’s better than the single which features the credit “Producers: The Monkees.” But the song is so good it could’ve been a hit with ANY production, and it’s interesting to note the single version used a lot of the same session players to at least get as close as possible to Boyce & Hart’s original TV version.

This single was the Monkees’ last Top 10 hit.

The b-side is a Mike Nesmith song that’s kind of a trippy and psychedelic variation of “Papa Gene’s Blues” but comes nowhere close to Lennon and the Beatles, the obvious influence (at least musically speaking).


  1. Kirshner died last week sometime. The first thing which came to my mind was Nesmith and the wall punching incident, and then Headquarters. I played most of the Sessions cds. I always thought of DK as a fake friend to the Monkees, I am sure his belief in them was substantiated by dollar signs. It always angered me how he refused to qualify at least Peter and Michael's skills. Still I gotta give credit where it is due, if not for him, they definitely wouldn't of existed and even singularly would of been obscure at best. I read somewhere... I forget where that they actually outright refused Sugar, Sugar... but that could be heresay. I can't say I wouldn't like to hear Micky having a go at it, even Davey. Kinda like my wish to hear most of the Nes tracks Davey ended up singing, being done by Mike. Speaking of Head, it just recently got the same 3 disc sessions treatment as Headquarters did. Rhino loves the Monkees, just like you and I.

  2. PS: I love both of these tracks, Valleri is hands down my fave Davey track...and I think anything Nes did was gold. TT might not be his strongest track, but it doesn't mean it's not hot!

  3. Man I can't seem to say enough about these guys. Yet another added sidenote. I got the chance to meet Davey maybe a decade back, we had an interview lined up, but we had some troubles and got there late. His press people refused us the interview but I still got to meet him. He was still COOL, you could just tell the dude was cool. Impressively short, and babes our mother's ages were going apeshit just like it was 66.

    I can't say which sticks in my head more strongly, the tunes or the show. A few years back I reacquired all of the series, and spent a long time going through them all again. So they are more fresh in my mind. I don't think I had seen them since MTV reaired them in 87 or so and you copied them all to VHS. One of my fave spots is when Zappa and Nes play one another, classic shit.

    I love Boyce and Hart, and I dig their stuff, but I wonder how "famous" they'd of gotten without the Monkees to really grab peoples attention. I know their stuff was done by others as well...but I'm just saying. So hooray for that too.

    Lastly, I dunno how I forgot about Rhino's special treatment of TBTBTM... They really do love their Monkees. I wish I owned one of everything they put out. Okay...I think I am done talking about the Monkees. For now at least.

    Oh...yeah one last thing for real. Davey was the only Monkee cool enough to get a spot on both Scooby Doo AND The Brady Bunch.