Friday, January 21, 2011

New Episode of THE VINYL SHELF!

Join us this week as we go LIVE to a GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION party via a rare DJ only Warner Brothers 45, plus hard to find classics from ALEXIS KORNER (featuring KEITH RICHARDS), CHEAP TRICK (the ultra rare soundtrack song "Get Ready"), TERRY MELCHER, solo BOBBY HART and THOMAS DOLBY is the special guest on "Live Cuts."
Also, GREAT MUSIC from THE BEATLES, THE KINKS, PAUL SIMON, R.E.M. and a cool DIANA ROSS 12" Remix with Ashford & Simpson!
ANYTHING GOES as long as it's from VINYL........
Photo: Wonderland Records at the end of Main Street in Newark, DE...I spent countless hours there as a kid.

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  1. What impresses me most is that Wonderland records is still around, and still in the same place. Last time I was there, they were selling more glass ware in the back...or maybe that was there then too, and I just didn't notice because I didn't care, kinda like the back room in Mr Tickles old Castle Mall circa 1975... they have a recording studio now too. Like the name implies they actually sell records...just like in 80s and before... To do the tour proper you had to also go to rainbow back when it was at the Grainery.