Thursday, January 20, 2011

THE OSMONDS Hold Her Tight MGM 45

Hold Her Tight b/w Love Is
MGM #K 14405 Released 1972
In a perfect world, the Osmond Brothers would be a cool, hard rockin' group of brothers who proved themselves musically throughout their career. THIS IS NOT A PERFECT WORLD.
But, in their defense, at the height of their teendom they did manage to release a few solid ROCK singles (and the label states it proudly, "Written, Sung & Played by The Osmonds") with Merrill's voice in the spotlight. Of course "Crazy Horses" is an example but there's also "Down By The Lazy River," "Goin' Home" and this 1972 stomper.

Dig this, the b-side is impressive too.

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  1. wellllllll we aint gotta whole lottaaaa may think we're ragged and funnnnny...we're just walkin along...singing a song....sidddddde byyy siddddeee......