Saturday, January 8, 2011

THE RASCALS 2 Original Atlantic 45s

How Can I Be Sure b/w I’m So Happy Now
Atlantic #45-2438 Released 1967

Still being billed as the Young Rascals when this 45 was released, “How Can I Be Sure” is a Felix Cavaliere-Eddie Brigati original that sounds like a standard. A flawless ballad with a yearning vocal and a huge production by Arif Mardin (engineered by Tom Dowd), the song stands the test of time. “How’s the weather? Whether or not we’re together…”

Guitarist Gene Cornish supplies the b-side called “I’m So Happy Now” that’s good but it’s hard to compete with a smash.

People Got To Be Free b/w My World
Atlantic #45-2537 Released 1968

By this time they were just “The Rascals” because they weren’t so young anymore (EVERYONE was older after the summer of love) but “People Got To Be Free” is a youthful anthem of brotherhood done with a whole lot of soul and once again penned by the team of Cavaliere and Brigati.

“My World” is like Curtis and the Impressions. Great tune.

The Rascals weren’t a rock band with soul, they were a soul band that rocked.

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