Friday, January 13, 2012

The Vinyl Shelf Presents ROCK STARS AS PRODUCERS

Here's a rare radio transcription LP from 1983 "Rolling Stone's Continuous History Of Rock & Roll" from 1983 that spotlights "ROCK STARS AS PRODUCERS" and features an interview segment with TODD RUNDGREN about being an artist AND a producer, plus DAVE EDMUNDS is interviewed about being produced by Jeff Lynne and also about producing The Stray Cats. Brian Setzer and Lee Rocker are also interviewed. Lots of GREAT music from NAZZ, STRAY CATS, TODD RUNDGREN, MEAT LOAF, PSYCHEDELIC FURS, ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA, GRAND FUNK, FRIDA, CHEAP TRICK and more.

Original commercials included from Atari Soft, Life Savers, Bubble Yum and Army "Be All That You Can Be" spots.

THE VINYL SHELF returns NEXT FRIDAY with an ALL-NEW episode hosted by The Pipe!

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  1. Jim:

    First of all, love your blog (just discovered it while trying to track down -- successfully, for the first time -- the complete recorded output of Christopher Milk).

    And I'm about to download one of those Al Wilson interview LPs you posted about in December, and I'm wondering -- does it answer the question that has plagued me for decades? To wit -- who played the slide guitar(s) on his cover of "Lodi"?

    (For the record, here's how I speculated about it over at my blog a couple of years ago)

    Anyway, just curious, and thanks again for all the cool stuff you're posting...