Thursday, February 3, 2011

F.M. No Static At All

F.M. 1978 MCA Records 2LP Soundtrack

I never saw the movie until it was shown on TV years later (and by now you've all seen it on VH1 Classic) but for some reason I had the paperback when I was a kid and it helped fuel my ambition to be a DJ just like Eric Swan or at least Jeff Dugan. The film was an obvious influence for TV’s “WKRP In Cincinnati” but minus the wackiness (and Loni Anderson’s boobs).

Funnily, the soundtrack features a wealth of music that’s STILL played to death on every ‘classic rock’ radio station all day, everyday. Great but grossly overplayed radio staples like Boston’s “More Than A Feeling,” Eagles’ “Life In The Fast Lane,” Steve Miller’s “Fly Like An Eagle,” Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice” and many more are here in one package showing you that rock radio is STILL frozen in time, stuck in 1978. All that's missing is Styx (thank God).

The 3rd side of this double LP features some live music by Linda Ronstadt and Jimmy Buffett which is unavailable elsewhere and can be seen in the film along with some GREAT footage of Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard in 1978.

Bob Seger’s “Night Moves” is here in the single edit version (as is Steve Miller) but most of the other tunes are full-length album versions. Glenn Frey and J.D. Souther are the authors of “Bad Man,” sung here by original Eagles bassist Randy Meisner and bandmate Joe Walsh’s classic “Life’s Been Good” has always been a favorite of mine (“they say I’m lazy but it takes all my time” is a quote every musician can understand). Of course there’s the Steely Dan title song (which was written for the movie) represented by two versions (an instrumental “reprise” at the end) and their classic “Do It Again” is here as well. Also, I’ve always been a sucker for JT’s “Your Smiling Face.”

This 2LP set also won a Grammy (!) for best engineering which could be true but also kind of a cheat since there are so many sources and most were NOT engineered for this specific purpose. And besides, MCA’s crappy vinyl doesn’t make the engineering sound that good anyway!

This deluxe double vinyl package also had a poster inside but it just has dumb “Sky Radio” artwork and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hang this on their wall!

F.M. LP1
F.M. LP2

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  1. Many thanks! I bought this album when it came out I was 13 .So I could not see the movie until long after.My vinyl is destroyed, so I give you again many thanks for giving the soundtrack for a big part of my life...