Wednesday, February 2, 2011

THE FORCE & ECLIPSE 2LP Warner Brothers Loss Leaders

PRO 596 - The Force [1974] (2-LP set, Loss Leaders Series; compiled and annotated by Barry Hansen aka Dr. Demento.)
Long Tall Glasses - Leo Sayer
Bungle In The Jungle - Jethro Tull
In The Name Of Love - Kenny Rankin Silver Heels - Fleetwood Mac
I'll Be Your Everything - Percy Sledge Feel The Need - Graham Central Station
Turn It On – Trapeze
Rock & Roll Outlaw – Foghat
I Got The Fire – Montrose
Freedom Fighters - Todd Rundgren's Utopia
Goodbye Soul Shy - Bachman-Turner-Bachman
Stormbringer - Deep Purple
This Ol' Cowboy - Marshall Tucker Band
Wild About My Lovin' - John Sebastian
Hands - Debbie Dawn
It Ain't The Meat It's The Motion - Maria Muldaur
Laurel & Hardy - Jan & Dean
Norton - Mike McGear
Black Water - Doobie Brothers
I Can Feel The Fire - Ron Wood
Only So Much Oil In The Ground - Tower Of Power
Double Cross - Gregg Allman
Comfort You - Van Morrison

“THE FORCE” is truly a forceful compilation from a label that was bringing Burbank to the world for just $2. The double album collection was mail order only, jam-packed with songs and the hope that the next time you hit the record store you’d search out some of these artist’s latest platters.

There’s some HOT tracks on here from Ron Wood (with guest vocals by Mick Jagger), Graham Central Station, Paul McCartney’s brother Mike McGear (featuring Paul himself), Gregg Allman, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac (Bob Welch era) and a rare 45 by Jan & Dean entitled “Laurel & Hardy” makes an appearance. Another notable rarity is Debbie Dawn’s country novelty “Hands” which is the lighthearted story of a prostitute.

And there’s one side that’s ALL ROCK with Trapeze, Deep Purple, Foghat, Montrose, Todd Rundgren and Randy Bachman. But wait, is Tower Of Power really singing about ‘oil abuse’?

PRO A 828 - Eclipse [1980] (2-LP set, Loss Leaders Series, annotation by Jim Bickhart)
When The Money Runs Out - Leo Sayer
Outlaw - Tom Johnston
Where Did I Get These Tears - Lauren Wood
True Love - Vapour Trails
Carnival Boy - Danny Douma
Troubadours - Van Morrison
Dancin' At The Rainbow's End - Roy Wood
If I Had You – Korgis
I Want You Around – Ramones
Whiter Than White - Alda Reserve
Drugs - Talking Heads
Excerpts From "Life of Brian" - Monty Python
It's Money That I Love - Randy Newman
Isn't It Always Love - Nicolette Larson
Little Sister - Ry Cooder
One Too Many Mornings - Beau Brummels
Radio Sweetheart - Carlene Carter
You're Gonna Get What's Coming - Bonnie Raitt
Remember Who You Are - Sly & Family Stone
Field Maneuvers – Funkadelic
Down On The Farm - Little Feat
Who's Gonna Tell You – Dukes
Wake Up And Live - Bob Marley & Wailers

“ECLIPSE” was the first “Loss Leaders” collection of the new decade bringing with it a bit of inflation (WB would now charge the listener $3 instead of $2) and a new compiler Jim Bickhart, replacing Dr. Demento. Although the collection is heavy on adult-friendly sounds like Lauren Wood, Bonnie Raitt and solo Doobie Tom Johnston, you still get some good pop, funk and new wave like Roy Wood, Carlene Carter, Talking Heads, Sly & The Family Stone, Funkadelic, Little Feat, Bob Marley and even “I Want You Around” from The Ramones. Monty Python soundtrack bites are also used as running gags. And who’s Alda Reserve? Sounds like AOR Bob Mould!

Oddly enough, like “The Force,” this double album collection also opens with Leo Sayer but I guess it’s not really that surprising as he was pretty huge at the time (as a music star, but definitely not his height).



  1. Thank you! The Force is by far the cream of the crop of the Samplers, second only to Hard Goods!

  2. Now caqn you include the 3-Lp set "Merrie Melodies-Looney Tunes" to this as well? I love these "Loss Leaders" you've posted! I've been looking for these for Years! THANX! Michael Boyce

  3. "THE FORCE." What a find! I'll have to grab your other loss leaders as well. And I second Mr. MJB's motion: the Looney Tunes set would be great to hear again!


  4. Two more LL's for ya:


    The Big Ball:

  5. My bad! I see you already have TBB. Well, at least I was able to share one anyway. The LL series was easily the best sampler series ever!