Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LOUIS NYE Where Do I Know That Guy From?

Let's get things rolling with some CLASSIC COMEDY VINYL.....
“Here’s Nye In Your Eye”
1961 Mercury

You know you’ve seen his face somewhere. Probably on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Or no wait, wasn’t he on “Laverne & Shirley?” Maybe it was “The Love Boat?”

Actually, all of the above would be correct and there’s literally hundreds of other Louis Nye television appearances starting with the Steve Allen TV program in 1960 and Louis’ busy career continued up until his death at age 92 in 2005.

Notable Louis (pronounced Louie) Nye guest star moments include “The Beverly Hillbillies,” “Love, American Style,” “The Cannonball Run,” Steve Martin’s famous NBC TV specials from back in the day and he was even on The Mike Douglas Show with John & Yoko.

This MONO LP from 1961 showcases his talents as a multi-voiced character actor with bits that he helped write with the great team of Arne Sultan & Marvin Worth (and Louis’ pianist wife Anita).

I remember seeing him around Hollywood through the years, here and there, like at the post office on Cherokee and a few times at rock & roll Ralph’s. I remember him always being “on” with me once in the checkout line sharing a funny one-liner about my grocery choices or a friendly joke about how the post office could use some more help. Who is this old joker and why am I laughing? I knew I’d seen his face somewhere.



  1. Holy Crap! I totally remember this guy.... he used to be on EVERYTHING!

  2. jonathan winters please....bill dana....
    i need...i want it allllllllll....help me...
    its just to good...thanks x 6 6/88.