Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I know we have some BERNSTEIN fans out there, I've seen the numbers--THANKS for the interest in downloading these LPs featuring ORIGINAL MIXES of the greatest classical music ever recorded!
First up is "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (subtitled 'Plays For Young People') and it's a full album (and different from the similarly titled children's LP that I posted a few weeks ago). There is no narration on this one and it's filled out with other pieces like "Night On Bald Mountain" and "William Tell Overture." A great STEREO platter!

Here's the original MONO LP featuring Tchaikovsky's NUTCRACKER SUITE and Prokofiev's PETER AND THE WOLF performed by the New York Philharmonic and narrated by Leonard himself.
Here's another MONO original LP. I can honestly say this is the best album of Russian sailor's dance music that I've ever heard.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Having Fun With STANLEY On Stage--A Talking Album Only RARE 7"

Way back during the grunge era, a local L.A. rock band released a few 7" vinyl singles on their own label, utilizing a pressing plant in the deep South. After unanimously agreeing that sometimes the best stuff from live Kiss concerts is the Starman's raps, they all agree that it would be hilarious to make a record of just Paul's in-between song stage banter. Armed with a reel-to-reel tape deck and some refreshments, the singer spends a few hours editing together Mr. Eisen's best quips and plays it back to his bandmates to huge laughter. They knew they had to get this pressed and let other Kiss fans (the rare ones with a sense of humor) hear this 12 minute creation (now children remember, this is before you could just email MP3s or youtube it). But what if the pressing plant knows this is 'unauthorized' and won't press it? Well, it's 'talking only' and you can't be sued if there's no music, right? Right?? The DAT tape gets shipped off and a few weeks later a white label test pressing arrives at the door. AWESOME. The band decides to press 500 (it's a 7" long play 33 1/3 RPM with over 6 minutes on each side) and they try to design the sleeve to resemble the Elvis album it's influenced by. Local Hollywood record stores buy up copies fast and sell them even faster. A major distribution company inquires about buying 250 copies and they blaze through them. Another purchase order shows up for 200 more copies and we are sold out. Should we press it again? Sure it's easy money but what if we get that phone call from Mr. Simmons that we never want to get. Since that time, the unidentified singer has since seen a copy hanging on a record store wall in Boston for $25 and cool Kiss websites include it in their bootleg discography. Someone else has since compiled a full-length CD called "Let Me Get This Off My Chest" with the same concept but all-new banter. This is THE ORIGINAL!

Friday, March 25, 2011

THE MYSTERY TRACK on The Vinyl Shelf

Friday's episode of the Vinyl Shelf has caused quite a stir...NO, your CD player has not stripped a gear at around the 70 minute's a super rare COMPLETE acetate by one of our favorite groups (hint-it ain't the Marx Brothers) with test tones included and an usused incomplete mix from 1973...super rare and it's your one chance to hear it!! DOWNLOAD NOW:

Airport (This Is Not Music, This Is The Vinyl Shelf)

ROLL UP, ROLL UP for an airborne trip upon The Pipe's turntable...a musical flight that wants to take you HIGHER-come fly with me on THE VINYL SHELF...
Happy Friday Dear Listeners!
THIS WEEK: A variety of vinyl sounds from GRANDMASTER FLASH to THE CLASH, TODD to THE TIME, DONOVAN to ELTON and some RARE extended 12" Singles...and WILD MAN returns!

at last, a home for the Xperiment acetate...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

LIVE IN LOS ANGELES 1986 w/ Papa Nes!!

The Monkees are touring again this summer for their 45th anniversary. I probably won't get to see the show because I'll be on tour myself. Michael Nesmith will NOT be a part of the tour leaving it to the other three to carry on the legacy. In 1986, MTV was broadcasting re-runs of their TV show and their reunion tour of that year found Monkeemania was ALIVE. This recording is from the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles in September 1986. Listen to those screams! But most of the chaos is saved for the end when 'Wool Hat' joins the band as a surprise to sing "Listen To The Band." The Monkees tour will end at the Greek Theatre this year as well. It will be interesting to see if there's another reunion this time around.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I love that Monkees episode that features Bobby Sherman and when the hot shot producer grabs Micky and Peter's LP on the beach and looks at it and exclaims "Davy Jones Sings!" when you can plainly see the title "David Jones" on the album. This pre-Monkee LP (1965) features British music hall style ditties next to Herman's Hermits type pop numbers. Also "Theme For A New Love" shows David's spoken whispers that would also find its way to Monkees albums ("The Day We Fall In Love").

Why wasn't "Girl" on this album? How come no producer could provide THE MAN with some hit songs at this point? Released on Bell Records in 1971, I love this album but it could've been so much more. Regardless, "Davy Jones" RULES!

On this 1979 promo platter Mike talks of the importance of being able to watch and make music videos, how he copes with being a millionaire, and how one day in the future ("I know that sounds very 2005") via a TV screen, we'll be able to get directions to a friend's house, buy something without having to go to the store and have it delivered directly to your home and other advanced theories from Carmel's coolest resident...a rare promotional album...

Monday, March 21, 2011

BURL IVES & Leonard Bernstein RARE Columbia Children's Library Of Recorded Books LPs

I found these two LPs at a thrift shop and they were both sealed. As a fan of both Burl and Bernstein, I was surprised to find these two albums I had never seen before in one spot and again, SEALED! They are both released in 1969 as part of the "Columbia Children's Record Library" and most likely they were available by mail order only.

Let's slice these bad boys open and give 'em a listen!


This children's LP version has a different track lineup than the regular Columbia Leonard Bernstein/New York Philharmonic release "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (subtitled "Plays For Young People" and featuring other pieces like "Night On Bald Mountain" and "William Tell Overture") which I also have and will post shortly.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Night Special--DISCO HUSTLE Double Vinyl

Released on the ADAM VIII label in 1976, this is a "non-stop" mix and features the best of the worst music ever made. This is the original pressing with "23" hits instead of the more common "20" hits version later sold by Tee Vee Records. FRANKIE AVALON's disco remake of his hit "Venus" is hilariously bad with a wah-wah pedal track that will make you think you left the TV on and "The Love Boat" just started. This double album bonanza also comes with a "Step by Step Illustrated Dance Instruction Booklet!"

A-8029 - Disco Hustle - Various Artists [1976] (2-LP set)
Love To Love You Baby - Donna Summer
Fly Robin Fly - Silver Convention
More More More - Andrea True Connection
Get Up And Boogie (That's Right) - Silver Convention
7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Blow Your Whistle) - Gary Toms Empire
Day By Day - Pat Lundy
How High The Moon - Gloria Gaynor
Turn The Beat Around - Vicki Sue Robinson
Venus (Disco Version) - Frankie Avalon
Do It With Feeling - Michael Zager's Moon Band
This Is It - Melba Moore
Brazil - The Ritchie Family
Tangerine - Salsoul Orchestra
Helplessly - Moment Of Truth
Salsa - Louis Ramirez
Salsoul Hustle - Salsoul Orchestra
That Old Black Magic - The Softones
Touch And Go - Ecstasy Passion & Pain
Under The Skin - The Brothers
Cathedrals - D.C. LaRue
Dreaming A Dream - Crown Heights Affair
Sunny - Yambu
More - Carol Williams

Both LPs fit on one CD. Nice 16 minute segments. Turn it up LOUD and get dancin'!

Friday, March 18, 2011

A VINYL SHELF Special Presentation--1989 BREAKIN' UP Radio Show

It's the "Breakin' Up Weekend" radio special from July 1989 by everyone's favorite a-hole DJ (if you hate "Disco Duck" as much as you should then you know what I'm talking about--this makes you dislike the guy even more) and featuring an ULTRA RARE David Bowie interview and music from MJ, Luther, Peter Gabriel AND Cetera, John Waite and even "My Brave Face" and "Got My Mind Set On You." Also, there are some great commercials from Certs, Sam Goody, Musiclan and Dentyne. COMPLETE 3 HOUR BROADCAST from LP source...a fun listen and hard to believe that a 1989 radio show is already part of the 'golden era' of radio...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Released in January 1973 (although the back cover erroneously states these releases are from 'January 1972'), this is another RARE 'Instore Play' LP very similar to the one I listed in April 2010 called "Dance To The Beat Of Looney Tunes" including more bad cover artwork to disappoint Furrball.

The music's damn good with two tracks from GRAM PARSONS and DEEP PURPLE plus THE BEACH BOYS, CLAUDIA LENNEAR, ALEXIS KORNER, RICHARD THOMPSON and more. All four sides are "hosted" by a DJ that sounds like a young Jim Ladd.

PRO 550 - Hit Sounds of Merrie Melodies - Various Artists [1973] (2-LP set) Not available by mail like the other Loss Leader LPs. Distributed at in-store promotions. Beach Boys; Deep Purple; Frankie & Johnny; Barbara Keith; Alexis Korner & Snape; Claudia Lennear; Linda Lewis; Ralph McTell; Gram Parsons; Paul Stookey; Richard Thompson; Dionne Warwick; Wilderness Road.

Monday, March 14, 2011

HARD GOODS--WB Loss Leaders Series...1st LP w/ KISS!

In 1973, Warner Brothers added Neil Bogart's new label venture, Casablanca, to their thriving distribution company and along with that acquired Bogart's first signing, KISS. The initial LP releases on Casablanca were printed & distributed by WB but Bogart didn't like playing by their rules and soon left to be fully independent. Because of this, the 1974 2 LP sampler entitled "Hard Goods" features "Strutter" which was the very first appearance of KISS on vinyl. KISS is the LAST band listed on the back cover!

It's strange to hear a different Graham Central Station song (other than Al Green's "Ain't No Fun To Me") follow their introduction piece "We've Been Waiting" but "Can You Handle It" does not disappoint. And Sam Hagar (as he's called in the liner notes) brings a familiar voice to Montrose's cover of "Good Rockin' Tonight."

Doobies, Zappa, Foghat, Trower, Deep Purple and Rundgren truly deliver the "hard goods" (Bob Seger is represented here by the strange "U.M.C.") and the second half also features heavies like Melcher, Sayer and even The Beach Boys "Vegetables" (from "Smiley Smile" which was about to be reissued when this sampler was released).

A GREAT WB Loss Leader!

Friday, March 11, 2011


An eclectic mix of vinyl--sure is a fun listen! A bit of soul, rock, funk, fugs, enz & doobies...join The Pipe for a SUPER NEW episode of the world's favorite vinyl internet radio show!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


"ALTERNATIVES" is a Warner Brothers sampler LP that was NOT part of the "Loss Leaders" series. It was officially released to retail in 1970 but my copy is a white label promo.

The liner notes say it best:
This is an album called ALTERNATIVES, the moniker our mammoth Title Department came up with after they were told to name an album of well-known, culturally significant and occasionally danceable non-hits of undeniable musical merit.

Jimi’s “Purple Haze” is followed by Neil’s “Cinnamon Girl” kicking the album off with a bang. The usual Warner cohorts are here from James Taylor to Van Morrison and The Grateful Dead to Arlo Guthrie. A few nice surprises include The Mothers and The Faces, who were still referred to in the U.S. as “Small Faces” when their debut “First Step” was released in 1970.

Deep cuts by each artist make this more than a ‘greatest hits’ collection.

JAMES TAYLOR: Suite for 20G
GRATEFUL DEAD: New Speedway Boogie
JOHN SEBASTIAN: Rainbows All Over Your Blues
THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION: Directly from My Heart [to You]
GORDON LIGHTFOOT: Minstrel of the Dawn
ARLO GUTHRIE: Creole Belle
JETHRO TULL: Reasons for Waiting
SMALL FACES: Around the Plynth
GRAHAM BOND: Neighbor Neighbor
VAN MORRISON: Into the Mystic

Monday, March 7, 2011

Good Evening and Welcome To SCHLAGERS!

Featuring artwork by the same guy who did "Ben Hur" here's SCHLAGERS! a Warner Brothers 2 LP sampler released as part of the "Loss Leaders" series in 1970. This double vinyl compilation is aimed more at an "adult" audience featuring tracks by Petula Clark, Ella Fitzgerald, Rod McKuen, The Association and Kenny Rogers but there's plenty of excitement including a cool FRANK SINATRA rarity called "Sabia" (never on any of his Reprise LPs) and funky gems from Herbie Hancock, The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band and The Mike Post Coalition.

Straight 'A' squares will dig Joni, Lightfoot, Vince "Peanuts" Guaraldi and Dion (who at this stage thinks he's a blues man). Curiously, The Everlys have a repeat track also heard on the previous WB sampler "The Big Ball."

Overall it's a good listen and a friendly reminder that Peter, Paul & Mary were great artists and The Vogues were terrible sweater pop (but that sounds like Hal Blaine on drums). Harpers Bizarre continue to intrigue me the deeper I get into their catalog. The mind boggles at how the lead singer of one of the sunniest and quietest groups ever (heard here singing the praises of "Soft Soundin' Music") ended up producing all the good Van Halen albums!


Friday, March 4, 2011

A Vinyl Shelf Special Presentation MJ ABC SPOTLIGHT SPECIAL 1984

This Friday "special presentation" finds a young-ish Michael celebrating his solo success in this post-"Thriller" radio special presented by ABC in 1984.

Also, if you haven't bought "Michael" yet (the latest CD), you're missing out on some great MJ. I put off writing a real review since the release-I'll just say the songs are really great and it's one of his most "pop" albums ever and don't believe the "that's not his voice" rumors..."it's ignorant, it's B.S." as Mike would say...NOBODY else can write songs or sing like that...gems like "Best Of Joy," "(I Like) The Way You Love Me" (why isn't this a single?) and the Kravitz rocker "(I Can't Make It) Another Day" showcase the voice and talent of a musical genius...
We are forever...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WRMB 350 "Da Doo Ron Ron" borrowed this vinyl boot from Daniel's collection after shooting a TV spot at his place recently. A hodge-podge of early R&B rarities that doubles as a lesson that the "Exile" era wasn't the only hot period for our boys. The Spector cover version that opens the album was actually a Andrew "Loog" Oldham Orchestra track with Mick's campy vocal, no other Stone and studio help from Zep's John Paul Jones. MY OBSESSION is the Rolling Stones. Rock on!