Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I love that Monkees episode that features Bobby Sherman and when the hot shot producer grabs Micky and Peter's LP on the beach and looks at it and exclaims "Davy Jones Sings!" when you can plainly see the title "David Jones" on the album. This pre-Monkee LP (1965) features British music hall style ditties next to Herman's Hermits type pop numbers. Also "Theme For A New Love" shows David's spoken whispers that would also find its way to Monkees albums ("The Day We Fall In Love").

Why wasn't "Girl" on this album? How come no producer could provide THE MAN with some hit songs at this point? Released on Bell Records in 1971, I love this album but it could've been so much more. Regardless, "Davy Jones" RULES!

On this 1979 promo platter Mike talks of the importance of being able to watch and make music videos, how he copes with being a millionaire, and how one day in the future ("I know that sounds very 2005") via a TV screen, we'll be able to get directions to a friend's house, buy something without having to go to the store and have it delivered directly to your home and other advanced theories from Carmel's coolest resident...a rare promotional album...


  1. Awesome! I don't actually have any of this! Nez was such a visionary...look how close he came to the truth! I heard awhile back that The First National Band covered Jerry Reed's, Guitar Man...only they left it off the album. I have a few Nesmith rarity boots, but none of them have it. Have you heard of this? Is it bullshit? Is it out there somewhere on some obscure bootleg collection...or just sitting on some dusty shelf...or even still just a figment of someones tall tale?

  2. Okay I take it back... I do have these Davey albums. I was about 50% sure I might of had at least one of them, but these are of a better sound quality! I have the 1980 Nesmith radio Special that he put out for Infinite Rider, it has like interview spots sandwiched between tracks from at that time his forthcoming album. This appears to be from an earlier time and minus the music tracks. I grabbed it but I haven't had a chance to take a listen yet. At any rate great upload!

  3. "David Jones" and,quite possibly,"Davy Jones" will see probable reissues on CD soon by Friday Music,according to their FB page!

  4. One can only conclude that "girl" was on the "Star Spangled Girl" movie soundtrack starring sandy duncan and it could have been a rights issue, as paramount had their own record label at the time (remember all those brady bunch LP's?) and having him sing the song on the brady bunch was a nice bit of cross promotion that decades later no one has a clue because the record is dead and so is the movie.

    That theory does have a few holes in it though, as "girl" was released as a 45 on bell ultimately, who knows.