Monday, March 14, 2011

HARD GOODS--WB Loss Leaders Series...1st LP w/ KISS!

In 1973, Warner Brothers added Neil Bogart's new label venture, Casablanca, to their thriving distribution company and along with that acquired Bogart's first signing, KISS. The initial LP releases on Casablanca were printed & distributed by WB but Bogart didn't like playing by their rules and soon left to be fully independent. Because of this, the 1974 2 LP sampler entitled "Hard Goods" features "Strutter" which was the very first appearance of KISS on vinyl. KISS is the LAST band listed on the back cover!

It's strange to hear a different Graham Central Station song (other than Al Green's "Ain't No Fun To Me") follow their introduction piece "We've Been Waiting" but "Can You Handle It" does not disappoint. And Sam Hagar (as he's called in the liner notes) brings a familiar voice to Montrose's cover of "Good Rockin' Tonight."

Doobies, Zappa, Foghat, Trower, Deep Purple and Rundgren truly deliver the "hard goods" (Bob Seger is represented here by the strange "U.M.C.") and the second half also features heavies like Melcher, Sayer and even The Beach Boys "Vegetables" (from "Smiley Smile" which was about to be reissued when this sampler was released).

A GREAT WB Loss Leader!

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