Friday, March 18, 2011

A VINYL SHELF Special Presentation--1989 BREAKIN' UP Radio Show

It's the "Breakin' Up Weekend" radio special from July 1989 by everyone's favorite a-hole DJ (if you hate "Disco Duck" as much as you should then you know what I'm talking about--this makes you dislike the guy even more) and featuring an ULTRA RARE David Bowie interview and music from MJ, Luther, Peter Gabriel AND Cetera, John Waite and even "My Brave Face" and "Got My Mind Set On You." Also, there are some great commercials from Certs, Sam Goody, Musiclan and Dentyne. COMPLETE 3 HOUR BROADCAST from LP source...a fun listen and hard to believe that a 1989 radio show is already part of the 'golden era' of radio...

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  1. golden era indeed...sheesh july of 89 I was one month post graduation....really throws everything in perspective