Monday, April 4, 2011

THE BEATLES Original U.S. Interview LPs including HEAR THE BEATLES TELL ALL Sealed!

"HEAR THE BEATLES TELL ALL" is a 1964 cash-in from VJ Records that resurfaced in the late 70's with "STEREO" covers although all of the LPs were MONO. This copy was sealed and I opened it for a fresh listen. Short but sweet, this classic interview album still holds up! 1964 Beatles rule!!
And check out those credits! HAL BLAINE on percussion (doing a GREAT Ringo) and LOU ADLER edited and scored!

My ED RUDY vinyl is a little beat up but maybe that will help cover up his obnoxious voice as he stalks the boys on their '64 American tour.


  1. Neat! Been looking for these for years. Any idea where I might find "Remember, We Don't Like Them, We Love Them!"? Apparently there's a really funny interview Tom Clay in which Lennon apparently insults him, but it flies right over Clay's head. =)

  2. ...sometimes I wonder why, and I wonder take more than I allow(clap clap-clap)